Remove kinship potion

Kinship should be determined by how you treat your avagotchi, in this case only who has money can has an advantage to improve the kinship by buying more kindship potion. Not Fair and doesn’t make sense. also by saying though, it means if you have money you will win in the rarity farming. I am suggesting keeping kindship away of money manuplulation. The same could be done to xp potion.

vote will be made. so, such potions can only be awarded in the raffle or maybe through mini-game?


Agreed, there should be some aspects of the game that you can’t purchase your way forward in.

I don’t know exactly how the game will work, but it seems as though being able to purchase the best items and gotchis is already a huge advantage in itself.


Totally agree, feel like this has just turned into ‘pay to win’.


At some point, there has to be a part of the game, if that be, in the metaverse; that can be upgraded or only be determined by how you treat your gotchi and what you do with your gotchi on a day to day basis. If aavegotchi want to have a loyal fan base, there has to be an aspect of the game that is very valuable and only determined by how good you are to your gotchi, more then just users with deep pockets. It ruins the flow of the game when kinship potions and xp is not attainable unless through baazaar for the price of aavegotchis atm.


the purpose of this game should be at its core to preserve users value and kinship should be a tool to incentivize users to make healthy financial decisions with their collectible bond collateral.
i for one am in favor of no more kinship potions as buying in game consumables hardly seems like a meaningful investment of monetary time energy for the user and instead just destroys protocol value.


Agreed, a big chunk of the reward pool is now easy to access if you have the right amount of money. I think it’s important to let players with limited money being able to succeed as well, either by luck or dedication.

Having more success stories about players starting small and getting ranked well will contribute to the aavegotchi success.


exactlly, if you can have everything to buy. I can’t see any future for the game.


Absolutely. Pay to win mechanics ruin a lot of gaming atmospheres, I see this as no different.


If you can get it in a raffle, then it’s still pay to win because those with the most GHST to stake get most out of the raffle.

I too think not offering any more kindship potions would be the best thing to do. However, if the devs or the majority of voters don’t want that, one could make a different kind of kinship potions. E.g. one that would bring your Gotchis back to 50. Gotchis above 50 would not be able to consume it. Or if that is too low, one could make it so that the new potions would only let you reach a maximum kindship of X, where X is the max. kindship you could have farmed if you would have petted your Gotchi every 12.1h (the 0.1 is important) from his birthday to the current day. This way rich people can still make their Gotchis competitive if they rather spend the money on potions than petting twice a day, BUT they won’t be able to outpace dedicated player just by using potions.


You are right. At least if it’s in raffle with limited quantity and then you don’t know what will we get. Honestly, the current shape of the game is only for whales. It’s not fun anymore.


I’m open to the idea of removing or severely limiting future kinship potions. People are currently paying extraordinary amounts for them. Flooding the market with a Raffle drop would lead to significant losses for these players, which could be avoided if we make new potions very scarce.

XP Potions are a different animal though. XP is meant to be given out quite liberally to players for engaging in voting, playing minigames, and other activities.

Curious where ppl stand on the idea of XP potions.


while i like the idea of potions/consumables that could later allow for further gotchi customization, color augmentation eye changes things of that nature. the fact of the matter that when it comes to categories that directly implicate whether or not you are eligible for ghost rewards potions boosting should not be a viable strategy. pay to win is bad for everyone whether your on the top or the bottom everyone knows this. this includes xp potions in my opinion. potions could also just be untradable. performance improving consumables are risky business

i had mentioned on another post that potential for diversification of ghost reward pool and i think this could help with overall. to allow for payouts to not just best gotchis but other options could include. these would be smaller but allow for more distributed value to the community and reward those players not only with the most resources or the specifically whales
-most active dao posters. chance for ghst drop per post/ per like
-ghst drops for ingame participation.
-ghst drops for lower rarity raffle tickets.
-ghst drops for twitter participation.

things like this to get more user involvement with community growth and also reward more people than just those with the most resources.


yeah that the idea. Especially attracting new users who will buy ghst for more that $1. at least if they know that hard will do. definitly will attract more ppl.

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I hope that ppl will vote to remove them. what you think the option should be?

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I think it is more the distribution system of the “shop model” than the items themselves that is problematic. The shop model, or having a “price tag” for items that can be bought directly is not suitable for limited items, especially given the hype in the NFT market.
Our shop model actually incentivize short term holding of GHST and flipping of items for quick profit, because there is almost no risk for flippers to buy items on the shop as its almost guaranted to make profit on the baazaar.
Also, the shop made the rarity farming more unfair, and skews the “play to earn” element and renforce the “pay to win”. A great model is a model where the “pay to win” money go in the pocket of the “play to earn” players.

In an MMO, where players compete for scarce ressources, items in high demand cannot be bought in a “primary shop”, there is no primary market for valuable items in MMOs. Only low demand items that are required to play the game are sold by NPCs/Shops, and they are selling for less than shop price on secondary market. To get the best items, you either play to earn the items or buy it on the secondary market to other players directly.

I believe there is a good argument against the shop model as it is now, and that we should think about improving the distribution model. A model that: 1) incentivize the behavior we want such as holding ghst, 2) make it more risky for short term traders to do business, 3) can scale with demand, 4) feels more fair and chill.

I have an idea about a solution, which includes making more use of the raffle system as I believe it is a vaslty better and healthier distribution model for the long term. I am actually writting an article about this, not quite sure where I want to go yet, I don’t have much time do to so, but I hope to publish next week.


Could you explain this a bit more?

If someone has 50 times the amount of GHST that you have, they can buy items that are 50 times more valuable than the ones you can buy. However, should you both choose to do that, both of your buying power will be 0. So in that regard, you would both be equals.
With stacking / the raffle, they can buy 50 times more tickets (or more valuable tickets) than you. But after you both have done so, the mismatch didn’t go away. Next day, they will still be able to buy 50 times more tickets…and the next day…and the next. So in that regard the imbalance seems even worse than with the maall. Or is there something I’m missing. Looking forward to reading your article.


Remove potions from shop to mini-game


These potions could still be viable, but maybe they need to be airdropped to loyal participants/voters instead of purchased from the Maal? It’s pretty rough watching some of these whales buy as many potions as possible to repost them at ridiculous price points. I was one of the lucky ones and chose to peruse the shop before I bought my portals, and I still did not make it in time to purchase a potion or two. I think this is a pretty powerful negative to anybody looking to participate without tens to hundreds of thousands of funds at their disposal.


My initial thoughts are that xp potions can increase the chance of winning BOTH the xp and rarity competitions since traits can be modified when you level up, so therefore doesn’t the same argument as kinship potions apply as far as big money having the advantage? I know the fact that they are the primary mechanism for rewarding xp to early participants mean that you may not be able to get rid of them immediately, unless you can just reward xp directly?


Yes, the XP will be rewarded directly to the Aavegotchi, not via potions.