Creating a fairer Kinship Economy (Petting Incentives)


Aavegotchi is a game that should reward its most active users. The current form of kinship creation only exists through two avenues, 1) consumable potions, and 2) Daily Petting. They are both valid forms of keeping a Gotchi happy and healthy, but with most good ideas there have been some problems. Mainly this comes in the form of buying potions to inflate Kinship levels beyond that of petting Gotchis. I currently believe that rewarding the most active players is a good way to continue to differentiate users, mitigate some of the “pay to win” aspects of the game, and still have a functional, enjoyable game that includes other aspects like minigames and BRS. Below is a detailed example of how petting can be improved upon.


Pet your gotchi continuously for X time frame (no reduction in Kinship during this time frame), receive X amount greater in Kinship points opposed to the default 1 per pet. You could stagger this approach to incentivize and keep incentivizing people to continuously pet Gotchis while increasing or reducing the additional reward amount over time. This should be subject to much consideration from everyone active in this DAO. A simple example is listed below:

1 week continuously pet → .5 additional points/pet
1 month continuously pet → 1 additional points/pet
3 months continuously pet → 1.5 additional points/pet

Any thoughts Frens?


That sounds amazing, utilizing & rewarding the effort without punishing potion users.

I really like the idea of getting more kinship if you are a committed (instead of an occasional) petter.

However, it would make it even harder for newcomers to catch up. It might also further incentivize bot usage. And a lot of the people who used Kinship potions are also committed petters. Otherwise they would lose on their investment. So you’d still not be able to catch up with this mechanic.

Maybe if you buy your first Gotchi, you should start out with all the boni and only if you miss a pet will you drop down to one of the lower levels until you eventually (after missing a few) go down to 1.0 (or back up if you keep up petting)?


Great points, and some that I didn’t consider. (thanks for the feedback).

I did think about bot usage when drafting this up, but I think it’s kind of a moot point being something that could already be in place to pet gotchis on a set schedule anyways. I’d like to see more data on kinship potion consumption & petting behaviors before jumping to any conclusions about the commitment to petting a Gotchi, but I hear your point…the Kinship potion issue is something that is very hard to counterbalance, even with improved game mechanics.

Regarding new Gotchis, I think there will always be some disadvantage to summoning later than the Haaunt1 gotchis, and in a way this is a natural flow of the game, but yes maybe there should be some emphasis on how to incentivize newcomers to catch up. It would be complex, but perhaps newly summoned gotchis could have a shorter timeline for petting commitment to receive increased kinship point allocations (versus pre-existing gotchis that have been around for awhile) as well, versus just giving extra bonuses from the start.

All in all, I think this is a complex implementation, and I don’t know how this would be constructed in a smart contract-oriented environment, but if some game mechanics can be tweaked to a) incentivize gotchi interaction, and b) lead to a somewhat fairer environment that is skewed towards petting behavior then I think it is in-line with the direction this DAO is looking to go.

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love the idea. sounds like a no brainer down the line

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With the kinship potion supply dwindling the pain of pay to play trumping the frenship of kinship is dissipating.


@MatthewNow feeling relief now that most of the potions have been used the first 2 round of the farming rewards!

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