Renting your gotchi...scam!

it’s blatently obvious people are lending gotchi’s and not using them…Except to cordone off part of the gotchiverse so they can collect more alchemia.

I noticed this as well.
Nofuturistic directed me to the Lending channel that was created in the Aavegotchi discord where you can meet people and work out whitelist arrangements. :heart_on_fire:
Or you can lend your gotchi with an Upfront GHST cost which reduces people borrowing them and not using them.
I hope you have better experiences in the future.


You need to set an upfront cost, or you need to meet your renters.

As you seem discouraged… here is how it’s went for me… I never list them, and I only rent to people that I have talked to and that seemed legit. I have a few duds, but you gotta remember that most of these people have old technology and bad internet, so sometimes, life happens.

This is two gotchis, with the personal touch.

If you have a lot of gotchis… it seems like a good plan to just do 1 ghst upfront, 80% to renter, 8 or 12 hours. You’ll get paid every day… earn about 1-3 ghst a day per gotchi.