When will purchasing an Aavegotchi cost less than $500 US? Quite a high bar of entry

I love this project. I think its been worked on and completed thus far with the upmost professionalism, but jeez… how will most people be able to enjoy this project if owning at least one Aavegothchi(a rather core essence of this project) costs over $500 USD? Thats only affordable to <1% of the world population. I would love to see proposals to lower costs overall, and make up the difference in costs with more players utilizing the project. Thanks. Thoughts?

How about free to play, and lending that only costs a split of the profits? That’s the plan.

Thats a start. But owning an Aavegotchi is my focus, and what anyone using the project would strive for. How, and by when, that is achieveable is the path I would like to discuss. When will the cost for an Aavegotchi and portals go down? Any ideas for a timeline?

The market decides the price, there is nothing wrong with it. You can rent a gotchi or play as a liquidator for free and earn your way up to a gotchi of your own.
If playerbase grows exponentially and prices go really crazy, we can do another Haunt to increase the gotchi supply, lowering prices in the process. Current prices are not crazy at all for an NFT project in my opinion. Gotchi prices already had a dip with the introduction of Haunt 2, which was an opportunity for new people to enter.

If you were holding a gotchi you would want the exact opposite of what you are asking, for the price to increase. So I say, let the market decide the price, in time we can do another haunt.


How about land owners? Any side drops for us when Gotchis invade our land?

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How about land owners? Any side drops for us when Gotchis invade our land?

I think this should be looked into.

How about we drop 5000 GHST on each land every time someone invades it?

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Hahahahah… Nice one fren😆

I doubt there’s many people that want the price of their assets to go down. With the Rent-A-Gotchi feature going live next week, that’s going to be your best bet. You can rent a gotchi for cheap and accumulate alchemica every day until you have enough that can be sold for GHST, which you can then buy a Gotchi with.

Alternatively, staking some GHST to accumulate enough FRENS to purchase DROP tickets for the Raffle after the next Haunt would another solid option.

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I saw this same worry voiced when Decentraland lands cost 500$.
Well, the land floor is 10K$ now.
It appears that there was no price barrier at all for getting much more players.

Can you imagine?