Schematics in the Gotchi pocket as power-up

With the current ‘The Forge’ implementation schematics were created as one of the most dillutive parts of wearables , I’d like some feedback on the idea of somehow adding value / influence to holding schematics.
The idea i would like to see discussed is - What if when you drop schematics of a specific item inside a Gotchis’ pocket it powers up and gives extra bonus to the specific item effect ?

Now that Pixelcraft is implementing wearable effects, doesnt it make sense to have added utility to wearables and allow for a sort of limited pump to specific items based on the number of schematics / rarity ratio ?

What i mean is, if i equip 1 m67 grenade and hold 10/500 schematics for m67 grenade in the gotchis pocket

Instead of the bonus for Ranged Power being 151, it would be 2% higher , and the same for other rarities.
Creating a market dynamic where its powerful to not only hold the item but also try to capture the whole market supply of a specific wearable , specially for higher tier items.
At the expense of a small balancing nightmare for Pixelcraft , if one holds a significant market share of a specific item, then theres the opportunity of having that item to be more relevant .

Help me understand the downsides of such an approach, and negative effects it could have.

It would cause crazy balance issues. Staking them in lodges to aquire crests for channeling gives them value without interfering with anything.

Maybe after we are done balancing everything and have the channeling sorted, it could work as consolation prize for not getting crest, by still having a schematic.

If we did it first it could be a problem.

but until we have the implementation and decision of anything related to the lodge or guild channeling (which seems to be far from right around the corner) a small amount of unbalancing is fine, if i hold 600/1000 fireballs the effect of 1 gotchi with 1 fireball and 600 schematics would equal that of a rare item or something … max ! maybe it could be bigger effect for lower rarities, and lower effect for higher rarities or the other way around. The goal is to somehow attract value to all the schematics, more utility is good

This is such a fun idea! I love giving power to schematics. Let me investigate if this is something that could be technically implemented.

Actually, that bit about it having more effect on the low level is whats up.

We’re naturally going to end up with an excess of common schematics, and it could turn some lame stuff thats mostly been smelted, into something cool.

This also helps to reduce emissions at the wearables channeling, because its a one or the other decision, due to the vesting period. In fact, this idea is perfect fit, because its for the individual. The people trying for the crests will take a little more than half the available schems, and the leftovers will be used to pump peoples builds.

Selling packages could be nice as well.

“Longbow with ten schematics, 400 ghst”

The easiest way to have it work better for weaker items, is to just use a linear scale and increase it by 1 or 2% per schematic. Theres less available at higher rarities, so it keeps it from bleeding into the next level.

This is extra helpful for items like the longbow, which is the only non myth weapon the geisha style gotchis can use.

Signs could become interesting as well.

yea i couldnt find a negative issue with this kind of implementation, linear +small % sounds ok but i think it would be more interesting to have that ‘ability to bleed into next level’ at least in the common uncommon like you said to become attractive for lower , bigger supplies schematics