Proposal: Community wearable drops

How would it work?

Every 1-3 months depending on the community. There would be a community wearable drop selected and voted by the community. Eventually I'd even like a snapshot-like system where you can sign off on wearables you like and want to vote for using 1 gotchi as 1 vote on the official website.

The best liked ones on the dao would be collected by a community manager and put on the official site for voting. though maybe it could be done on something like reddit or some other platform as well.
A community manager may even use his/her own digression in picking out ones that look good.

Here is a link to my old post for item ideas for example:

Ideas people have are often just rough drafts, it will be up to pixelcraft to refine the ideas into something that fits more in the ecosystem and artstyle.
the number of items dropped each time can be decided later.

To BRS or not to BRS:

Wearables that have BRS will have an effect on the gotchi/wearable ratio and thus may make items lose value. due to the effect it has on the gotchi/wearable ratio. The upside however is that community wearables are actually useful in some way.

Community wearable drops that do not have any BRS bonus instead acts as a skin you can wear to hide your ugly min/max rarity farming suit. This would help with the fact we don't have to worry about other wearables losing value making it so we can release more of them. Yet even in this case i would prefer quality over quantity.

Snapshot link:

And lastly everything can be subject to change, if anything is disliked then we can throw it out of the window. This is but a rough draft and will be refined once we find that there are enough people wanting this.


Yeah it is beneficial to the Aartist community and economy as well

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Hi Fren! I like this idea but I have a few concerns and possible solutions. Please if anyone has any other constructive ideas, feel free to add on.

Voting Power, Voting Periods + My Opinion
First I would like to say I think voting on wearables with GHST voting power may be the path of least resistance to get this community wearable drops proposal started. We can always start a new proposal to change that once community wearable drop functionality is in place.

1-3 months may be too often if there is no cap on how many community wearables make it into the game during each voting period. We should consider a cap on how many wearables can be approved for the game in each voting period. If we decide to allow a lot of wearables in at the same time I think we should space out voting periods at least every 5-6 months. Let me know what you think.

As for my opinion I think voting periods should be spaced out every 3 months with voting lasting 1-1.5 weeks. 1-5 wearables should be allowed into the game from each voting period depending on if they reach a certain amount of GHST voting power. This would give people some time in the discord to hype up their community wearables to be voted on while not being such a long period that people forget to vote.

Challenges Of Deciding Rarity and Trait Modifiers + My Opinion
Both including and excluding BRS with the wearables come with challenges.

How would we decide the rarity of items and what are fair trait boosts or decreases? Perhaps someone from pixelcraft can give us some pointers on how they choose. (probably based on which items look the coolest get the higher/ larger trait modifiers) We would also need to decide how many of each item will be created.

As for wearables with no trait modifiers, would they be purchasable or free via air drops? if purchasable do they get a rarity type and what would be the supply of the items

My solution would be to only allow items that affect the BRS of the Gotchi into the game. My hope is that people put more thought into each item because of this. There should also only be 5 different rarity types for these community wearables. Common to Mythical. Depending on the amount of GHST voting power used on an item option, it would determine its rarity. I think we should let pixelcraft decide the trait modifier stats but let me know if you guys have a better idea.

So basically, first items would need to pass a GHST voting power threshold to be allowed into the game at common rarity. Then as more GHST voting power is used on an item, its rarity and most probably its trait modifiers would be greater. I’m thinking that each wallet address only gets one vote but let me know what might be a better practical option. (GHST voting power threshold + the amount of GHST voting power needed for each rarity type is to be determined.)

If anyone has an idea for voting on wearables with no trait modifiers I would like to hear what you have to say.

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I think we would also need to decide which community wearable item ideas make it to the final voting stage on snapshot… Maybe we need a DAO forum thread specifically for the Community wearable drops every 3 months if we follow the voting period cycle i proposed in my post above.

I think overall it’d be awesome to have more community engagement with some wearables. We could even launch a theme around the next upcoming drop and all the aartists create their editions to be voted upon.

I think there are so many directions to take this. Some ideas that pop up

Open one of the wearable sets to community. Like hey guys, the next wearable launch is in two months. We at pixel craft are designing one and the other is up to you guys!

Another idea
Open up a piece of the set for community design. Like for instance the steampunk set. It’d be rad if they created a pet design contest. (Ahem see my epic steampunk bunnies for reference :wink:)

These ideas wouldn’t dilute the wearable sets any more than if pixel craft released them themselves.

Another route would be to open up vanity slots where the items you equip replace the visual of the brs items

I proposed it here

Then with that unlocked, the community could create all sorts of artwork that we could vote on and implement into the realm

With that we could also draw on the community for event based wearables. Something like a design contest for the 1 year party. Whoever wins gets their skin implemented in the form of bind on account non stat bearing wearables!

What do you think?


Hey fren!

Thanks for asking for my input <3
My thoughts are same as yours regarding wearables.

The potential is limitless and over the last couple of weeks I’ve become convinced lickquidators and unpowered (non-BRS) wearables are key to our economy.

We need those low cost avenues to keep raffles going without affecting RF. If you sell tons of unpowered wearables you actually increase the RF pool a little bit.

Imagine if before realm people could actually start trading , designing this flip-side of the gotchiconomy.
I have tons of ideas including lickquidator portals, wearables etc. Imagine low cost portals where the “rare” element is perhaps a lickquidator of very unique looks- but BRS and stats are non-existant.

Maybe this flip-side of the economy would be the best avenue for gifting things to the community, as well as letting them design/experiment and buy at low cost- without rarity farming and the original gotchi design being a concern.


Just thought I’d drop a trove of wearables from a game I used to play. HABITICA WEARABLES


There’s some really cool stuff on there, great place to find some ideas! Can’t wait to see the day Aavegotchi has even a fraction of that many wearables, too.


I’m picking up what you’re putting down my friend.

I’ve been thinking of great ways for more engagement for new players and vanity wearables is a great place to start. Players can buy non brs wearables for their gotchis from the maall. It would serve as a ghst sink and not impact the bazaar prices.

We could even do weekly raffles with frens. The awards would be non brs wearables that would look super dope (could def be community driven art). This approach would help drive down fren inflation. Each week they could raffle off, say 100 , of the items. They could even repeat the items week in and week out until a cap is reached.

All in all, the vanity items opens up so much potential for enhanced gameplay and increased revenue.

Also as I’ve said before it’d be so cool to give non brs wearables that bind to the gotchi for attendance to major events. (Like a 1 yr anniversary cake for example)