Selling a Gotchi Equipped w/ Items Yields Raffle Tickets to The Seller of The Same Rarity Value

I think that there has been a lot of negative experiences with accidentally selling a gotchi that has items that are not equipped. I also think that selling with items is less of a motivator for many because it often seems like it multiplies the price of the gotchi vs. being a deal based on the market. Yielding x raffle tickets per each item equipped or owned by the gotchi, makes accidental sellers feel like they didn’t lose everything and also increases the aesthetic of the market by having more gotchi’s wearing things. It might also be good to yield a raffle ticket with rarity x(rarity of sold items) + 1 (e.g. you sell a legendary and get a mythical raffle ticket) or multiple raffle tickets of the same type.

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We’re going to push an upgrade to the contract that will automatically return items to the owner when they are unequipped. This is an anti-pattern left over from the contracts when they were built for Ethereum’s high gas prices.


Awesome thanks man. Does yielding raffle tickets for equipped items make sense or does it cannibalize staking too much?

you don’t sell anything accidently. but if you sold something then that’s it. Learn next time.