Signal Proposal: DAO Badge for badges

Problem summary: Incentivizing new players to participate in DAO without the time constraint of a snapshot or the burden of more cost.

Proposal summary: Reward DAO participation using the Badges offered in the DAO as a guide for badge rewarded to gotchi. Reward gotchis held by owners/DAO members.

Advantages Community building, the badges encourage participation and growth of knowledge of aavegotchi

This proposal is to see if there is community support for rewarding any gotchi owner (Haaunt 1, 2, etc) at any point they wish to participate in the DAO badge program; a Badge(s) that can be earned through verifiable participation of the DAO badges. The badge could change with increased level of participation/badge earning.

DAO Badge for completing DAO badges
  • DAO Badge rewarded to Gotchis for minimum DAO badges completed by owner
  • Meh, who needs participation trophy for gotchis

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Is this idea for a badge to match each badge we get for our DAO profiles or just one badge you receive at some tier of DAO involvement. I think you meant the latter which is a good idea just leaves the question what level of involvement is required?
I think it would require a mix of time spent, and interactions with others (both your feedback given and how your posts are received)

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Thank you for your response; I agree with your requirements.
Yes I meant the latter. There are 50 DAO badges, ~5 of them are unavailable to most of the DAO community. The badges require interaction, time spent, and are separated into 4 categories at 3 levels (bronze, silver, & gold):

  • Getting Started (17 badges all but a few are simple to achieve)
  • Community (20 badges these take more thoughtful interaction and time)
  • Posting (9 badges -a thriving community is essential for these interactive badges)
  • Trust level. (4 badges - two available to most)
    28 Bronze
    12 Silver
    10 Gold (some of these take over a year to complete)

One scenario could be:
25-28 completed DAO badges - Aapprentice/Aamateur DAO Badge
35-38 completed DAO badges - Fren DAO Badge
42-45 competed DAO badge - Aaficionado DAO Badge

The thought for this program is to reward new & existing players to explore & interact with the DAO at their own pace and to reward thoughtful longterm participation as the badge would be earned at set levels not a time sensitive snapshot. Currently the top DAO badge holders have ~20 badges so there would be no retro fitting badges.

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sounds well thought out to me :smiley:

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I don’t know how I’d feel about seeing tokenized DAO involvement being sold in the marketplace.

Badges cost time and developement; why is there a priority to fractionalize 5 Gotchis, create a new token, and badges (uGotchi/unicly which is not related to GHST or the Aavegotchi system)?

Is DAO not important to incentivize ?
Or not yet?
Or is DAO for people willing to contribute without incentization?

I read the medium article about scaling AavegotchiDAO and think incentizing the DAO is a good lure for non-crypto people.


The DAO badge could be specific to the owner, nontransferable.

How can DAO participation be incentivized?
Is DAO not that important?
Is Discord prioritized over DAO?

Generally curious.

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