Ideas for badge utilities

Come up with theories and ideas for what the badges should do, top 100 BRS, kinship, xp, unicly, top 5000 category, etc.
Free parking space? 1 beer a day? free bus tickets?


Something that wouldn’t be too time-consuming for devs would be the best way to start, IMO. Where the same thing could be re-used…

Perhaps some sort of ‘events’ in certain locations where only the holders of certain badges had access for a certain amount of time and got to run around trying to collect random drops of tickets/items/etc, might be fun/engaging.

The minigames could have did something nice but valueless like acknowledging the gotchi has a badge and have a little confetti party or lounge bar in-game that doesn’t affect the game.
For practical purposes I’d love something like being able to fly above people’s parcels (without dropping on top of them) and also inviting others to start a flying gotchi train.

I think minigames and clubs are the answer to most of these types of questions, where we have something of no value, that we want to add non monetary value to.

There’s a way to tie it into voting power as well, but that’s probably a touchy subject and might be too hard to configure in snapshot… if you add a thing at proposal creation where you can check boxes saying that this is a rarity topic, an xp top, a kinship topic, an H1 topic… you could make it so the voting power you get from a gotchi that has the appropriate badge gets a little more. Gotchis and items and land are way undervalued there, and it would be a nice way to reward the people who put in the effort, and as they obviously are the ones that understand how it works, they should have an outsized voice on these topics. Like… mmaybe start it at a +10% if you just have a season badge and were voting on something rarity related, make the better badges give you more juice as it goes up, like 5% more per level, and let the badges stack, so having RF1 and RF2 is getting you 15%

I’m thinking of gotchis with the Unicly badges to have the ability to select any land spawnpoint in the citaadel. There are around 630 total gotchis with the Unicly badges. The aastronaut badge gotchis could spawn in the entire realm including the expansions. Useful only for the gotchis in question unless we allow the aastronaut gotchis to bring friends like the WoW warlocks.
Gotchis with top 100 BRS, kinship, xp badges could generate a small sum of GLTR/Frens/tickets.
There’s also the idea of counting various badges towards the BRS.
Tell me what you think of each suggestion.

not a fan tbh, reminds me a bit of how a social credit system would be

It also transfers with the gotchi, so it’s not even accomplishing that. It just sounds like “how can I make a participation trophy into a revenue stream.” It’s kind of on the level of selling gotchi names… really really reachey, unless you mean ultra short ones that MAY be useful at some point in the RPG, when doing group actions.

I COULD see a vanity wearable being created, where you could craft a t-shirt or sign with the Badge on it, that only that gotchi could wear. That would be legit AF and people would do that for sure with the ones saying it ranked in RF.

being able to show it in game sounds like a good idea :+1: why not

but yeah, afaik it was always intended to be a badge, nothing more nothing less. keep it that way

I won rarity farming and all I got was this T-Shirt :wink:

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When it comes to badges I think of the basics that need to be covered first. Tickets for an event, access keycard, licenses and liability. I think as a baseline there should be badges for things like developers, task force members, and players. Secondary non institutional badges may be made custom by players and others, guild badges, tournament entry tickets.

How about badges giving out skill points?


I was thinking that baadges might have a role in aaridrops in the future or for extra sweets from PC. Dunno. Only Dan knows, or might :stuck_out_tongue:

But as DAO we could bring up something. But I’m against breaking the balance with the baadges, cuz it might be critical for the next Rarity Farmings or for baatles on Aarena.

The easiest method is aesthetics; skins, emotes titles under a gotchi’s name These things don’t impact gameplay. They will still impact the price for people who care about rare aesthetics and achievements and there’s a lot who care about this. Plus land and party related aesthetics and features like changing the skin of your tiles or summoning snow in a district or changing the skin of the grid, lampposts, background for the entire district for 24h. Or summoning a pinata that you need to fill it yourself with alchemica.

The true challenge is implementing a gameplay-related addition without breaking the game such as convenience features like teleports.