Subsidizing Gasless Rentals with $100k worth of MATIC

Hey @Moon, details on the Biconomy DAO grant eligibility and process can be found here :slight_smile:

Based on recent developments in the release schedule, and revelations about how the P2E economy will be much different than it is now, it seems like providing gasless rentals might actually be counterproductive.

Future realities of renting -

  • People who want to play the game because they enjoy the game on its own merits, with the cashflow part as a nice bonus - RENTS HIGH END GOTCHIS FOR BETTER RPG EXPERIENCE
  • P2E minded players who are skilled at land management will be in demand - WHITELIST RENTALS TO YOUR LONG TERM STAFF
  • Randos looking to grind will be the last person you want to rent to - THESE ARE LICKQUIDATORS THAT JUST WANT FREE STUFF
  • Peer to Peer lending will be more advanced, with Subletting/Rental Operators/Complex 3rd party payments/Rental Pools, and we will rent to each other fluidly, to fill differing needs. For example, you may have high end RPG gotchis and use them to run your land normally, but when they are rented out, you have a deal with the vault to supply your regular worker with a gotchi, if your personal list is all rented out.

None of these situation are going to involve us wanting to pay for someone to have a free ride, as the RPG player, the Manager, and B2B rentals, are all roles that not being able to manage your own gas needs, should disqualify you as a candidate, and for the Licks… if you cannot figure out how to get 0.05 matic together, to enbable free money, then you are going to be a problem for us the whole time, as you certainly won’t have matic to convert the currency at the end, and when you cash out, you’ll surely spend yourself to 0 and then come back asking us to help you bridge it Binance, and then you’ll be back crying that you lost your kids food money by sending matic to BNC chain address…

TL;DR - people that need free gas are bottom feeders and drag the whole community down, plus it makes botting cheaper, so we are paying to get more of the things that we do not want.