Welcome the Bots...as Lickuidators

Hi all, I come to you with an idea I had about bots and their role in the game. It’s a pretty radical idea…

Idea: Welcome the bots and botters into the gotchiverse, but only as Lickuidators. (Gotchi botting should still be banned) Every MMO needs a formidable villain, somebody the players have to band together to fight against. Botters have already shown that they are resourceful, creative and motivated to extract as much out of the game as they can. They can play the role of the villain in the gotchiverse perfectly. If lickuidators can only be minted by Pixelcraft in limited numbers, then PC has the ability to scale their power up or down as needed. And if lickuidators require some small fee to mint, then botters are forced to contribute something to the ecosystem in order to get the chance to steal the Gotchis’ alchemica. It’s even thematic, since most liquidations in crypto are done by automated systems too.

It would be totally unique in the MMO space as far as I know to use botters as a game villain in this way. I personally think it’s a fascinating idea, and would be interested to know what the rest of Gotchi Gang thinks.


Seems like a good time to bring up the elephant in the room, before everyone freaks out when it happens…

Rental income up till now is basically lickquidators that you can’t kill. When licks go in, the same people who rabidly defended their right to rent to bots are going to freak out that PC is stealing their rentals. I don’t currently believe lickquidators will happen, due to this. There will be a big fight, and people will demand no dilution to rental market, and then no one will have a metric they can put up that says when it’s OK to have liquidators, and the moon will shatter and we’ll have to scrape certain people off the ceiling.