Proposal: Marketing trial gotchi airdrop

I made a proposal about airdropping all-ready ethereum addresses to non-crypto and crypto communities alike a bunch of trial portals to get them to experience aavegotchis for free and without having to go through the pain of ethereum gas fees, matic bridges, matic tokens, GHST tokens and collateral. Because I was thinking it’s just a trial I wanted to make them expire after 2 months.
This could be a yearly thing.

I was also thinking of just airdropping a wearable to everyone because it’s the fastest thing to program and account for. I originally wanted to split these into 4 different proposals each through airdrop/claiming due to no gas fees on Matic. We could do Option A as a separate proposal as quickly as possible to gather attention. Options B/C would take a while to be implemented without leaks and D is an even bigger can of worms that needs to be carefully calculated but because it pays to be fast I had to make it quickly and bring it to attention quickly before another even worse idea got voted in favor of it.

We could also keep an entirely F2P version of the game running together with the P2P version on the same network. Only strict rule would be to not allow F2P to suddenly be worth something like the P2P versions or turning them into P2P with subscriptions. Even if the money making was based on effort they would still need to pay for a P2P gotchi to farm properly and with 500k-1M F2P gotchis I think the money making from farming kinship should be 1:50k compared to a real gotchi. But I played a lot of mmorpg, gacha games so to me these rules while objectively hellish are very fair for the economy. Even in Warframe you could only unlock a class after 2 weeks of farming if you got lucky while just paying 7$ worth of in-game currency would unlock the class.


I’m thinking of cancelling the proposal and only leave option C with a yes/no. It’s the most interesting and people would naturally enjoy playing a maxed level account.

As for option D I thought of a better solution:

Why didn’t you use the Signal Proposal template that we explicitly told everyone to use for Signal Proposals on Snapshot? Scaling AavegotchiDAO. Everything you need to participate in… | by Aavegotchi | Mar, 2021 | Medium

I am removing both of your proposals because they do not follow the very easy-to-follow rules that we outlined in the Scaling AavegotchiDAO document.

You are also making a lot of proposals that have not been well thought out. You just admitted in the post above that you “thought of a better solution” for option D.

You should only make a proposal on Snapshot once it has been well thought out and is in its final form. Spamming the board with many similar Proposals will also get them removed.

Closed, proposal template not followed.