Turn on reservoir spillover

It appears that AGIP 49 will pass and our economy will see a reduction in channeling emissions/ alchemica inflation by approx. 50%.

CoderDan’s alternate proposal included turning on spillover for reservoirs. I personally think this is interesting and may re-invigorate game play. Should we consider turning on reservoir spillover?

What does everyone think?


Here are two dashboards I recently built. The 1st shows net alchemica emissions (alchemica going directly to wallets). 2nd is net emissions and spend (gross spend of alch on all installations, crafting, etc.)

It is obvious that channeling is the majority of our emissions, however with an approx. 50% reduction to channeling it appears to me that this might actually swing the economy’s equilibrium too far in the other direction.

I think adding in reservoir spillover might bring us closer to equilibrium, plus add in more game play as stated above.

Hi @Rancho thanks for making the thread, it’s something I definitely thought about. The only problem is, Dan’s proposal was a much bigger reduction in issuance than mine (85% vs 48%) which gave more leeway to turn spillover back on. I am keen however to get reservoir spillover back on in some capacity to get the player numbers up and make lower level farms more viable. I would suggest starting slower though at maybe a few hours a week, maybe across different time zones.

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I like how the capacity on the reservoirs limits the abuse of the low level installs. Spillage provides a way to work your way up a bit faster, but it’s not a viable long term play to just chill at l3.

It can be if you have many spacious parcels. Haven’t done the maths in a while but there use to be some nice level 3 strats for spacious that earnt $2 a day with spillover. Probably under $1 now but maybe just about worth it. You’d need hotzones on so you have a chance of capturing most of it ofc.

There’s no such thing as owning a spacious and abuse ser. You paid your dues at the auction.

Yes please, give us something to do. Collecting spillover was the one action in the game that inspired engagement. I don’t attend on Saturdays at 7am so I’m restricted to log on, channel, empty, log off. Pretty dull.

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