Changing Reservoir Cooldown Times

To be blunt, we need to get token issuance more in line with token spending. We have tried decorations, spending events (that IMHO causes problems in itself) and have gone as far as to drastically increasing channeling spillover percentages as ways to combat issuance. Even after all this, the gap is widening. I am proposing that the DAO look at the primary source of token issuance: the Reservoirs. No one really wants to address how much they are contributing to the daily token The amount of active reservoirs and the amount collected is growing daily. For example just 5 level 9 FOMO reservoirs set to reach capacity every 8 hours issue 9,600 FOMO before spillover daily. This means that in less than 6 days just these 5 level 9 FOMO reservoirs issue as much FOMO as a reasonable land parcel will during the entirety of ACT 1.

Now if the DAO was to extend the rotation to 12 hours the daily drops to 6,400 FOMO before spillover and it would take close to 9 days. Just extending the rotation to 12 hours reduced FOMO issuance for these 5 level 9 reservoirs by around 28k tokens. This means in about 6 months it would save around 575k FOMO tokens and that is just based on these 5. I can already hear the major argument of “They paid to level their installations so why should we do anything that affects their EXPECTED ROI?”. This is true that they paid to level their installations but the argument that nothing is immutable was also used when channeling spillover percentage was increased at the expense of gotchi owners. Extending the rotation to 12 hours would do more to combat token issuance for the DAO than for example a seemingly mandatory kinship burn that does not really subtract any substantial issuance or paying 10’s of thousands of GHST quarterly on a spending competition that in itself actual RAISES issuance by financially motivating players to level installations that in turn add to the issuance problem. To be honest, the overabundance of glitter has enormously negatively affected token issuance by drastically reducing all installation’s building time.

Lately there has been some opposition to this saying that it could be “beaten” by just adding another reservoir. This is true but then the total spillover percentage would increase if another was added that was at a lower level. This increased spillover percentage would affect all collections going forward which adds up over time. So yes a player could just build another reservoir but would have to deal with the actual cost of building and leveling it (which is an inadvertent sink) along with a higher spillover percentage (which is a plus for the ecosystem by further reducing the circulating supply).

The gotchiverse data shows:

  • In FUD that we have at least 1847 lvl 2-lvl 3 reservoirs, at least 2179 lvl 4-lvl 6 reservoirs and at least 512 lvl 7- lvl 9 reservoirs. For a total of 4538 reservoirs.
  • In FOMO that we have at least 1732 lvl 2-lvl 3 reservoirs, at least 2698 lvl 4-lvl 6 reservoirs and at least 894 lvl 7- lvl 9 reservoirs. For a total of 5324 reservoirs.
  • In ALPHA that we have at least 1533 lvl 2-lvl 3 reservoirs, at least 1629 lvl 4-lvl 6 reservoirs and at least 480 lvl 7- lvl 9 reservoirs. For a total of 3642 reservoirs.
  • In KEK that we have at least 1444 lvl 2-lvl 3 reservoirs, at least 1418 lvl 4-lvl 6 reservoirs and at least 462 lvl 7- lvl 9 reservoirs. For a total of 3324 reservoirs.
    This means we have a grand total of up to 16828 reservoirs at the time of this posting are emitting tokens every 8 hours. In my introduction, I only mentioned what the outcome would look like for only 5 lvl 9 FOMO reservoirs when in actuality there are at least 197 lvl 9 FOMO reservoirs. Once we do the adjustment it is more like up to 1.1 mil per 12 days “saved” with just these lvl 9.
    Since emissions have already reached these levels when we are currently only using 11873 parcels out of 30058 based on the number of altars (excluding lvl 1 altars, we should take the time now to address this while future-proofing emissions before more reservoirs begin emitting tokens. We currently have a total of 6556 lvl 2- lvl 3 reservoirs that could level to higher installations currently without even factoring in any new installations.
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DATA UPDATE: Using I was able to find the total amount of lvl 1 reservoirs along with the total of lvl 1 harvesters being that they did not show on the last one.

  • In FUD we have 16787 lvl harvesters and 6356 lvl 1 reservoirs.
  • In FOMO we have 21482 lvl harvesters and 7032 lvl 1 reservoirs.
  • In ALPHA we have 16285 lvl harvesters and 5705 lvl 1 reservoirs.
  • In KEK we have 11328 lvl harvesters and 5177 lvl 1 reservoirs.
    This would bring the total of online reservoirs to:
  • In FUD we have 10894 reservoirs.
  • In FOMO we have 12356 reservoirs.
  • In ALPHA we have 9347 reservoirs.
  • In KEK we have 8501 reservoirs.
    For a NEW grand total of 41098 reservoirs with 30826 in the lvl 1- lvl 3 range.

My earlier example using lvl 9 FOMO reservoirs may have been seen as a nonrelevant example to some DAO members because it did not apply to a large number of them. So this example will show the effect a change would have on lvl 6 FOMO reservoirs. A lvl 6 reservoir’s capacity is 80 fomo so if emptied every 8 hours that’s 240 fomo daily and 1680 weekly. If we were to change it to a 12 hour rotation it would be reduced to 160 fomo daily and 1120 weekly. That would reduce issuance by 560 fomo weekly or 2240 fomo monthly. At first glance, it does not look to be a substantial reduction however when you apply it to the current total of 685 lvl 6 FOMO reservoirs the number becomes a possible reduction to issuance of over 1.534 mil FOMO tokens monthly. This is just an example of what the change in cooldown could have on token issuance for our economy.

First I would like to clarify the notion that players would get separate spillover rates based on reservoir levels. As stated here: Farming your Parcel - Gotchiverse
Reservoir spillover rate is weighted by capacity of each equipped Reservoir. A parcel equipped with two Reservoirs - one with 1000 capacity and 50% spillover rate and another with 100 capacity and 75% spillover rate would have a final spillover rate of 52.57%.” This means that a player would have to build another reservoir of the exact level to maintain its spillover rate or they would be penalized and would have a higher total spillover rate by adding a lower level reservoir.

Also I wanted address why I believe that doing this now a good call. A couple of DAO members have voiced concerns about this not being relevant because it does not effect a lot of parcel owners. IMHO that is the exact reason this should be the time to make the change. If parcel owners are currently on a +12 hour schedule then this proposal would not affect them but it would strengthen the economy by removing a third daily issuance. A lot of the proposals have been done after a problem has been identified but in most cases to the detriment of other DAO members. We have a chance to “future proof” a possible issuance risk with a minimal DEV lift beforehand.

Ive already got parcels that ran out again after the 2nd survey. You really dont slow anything down by doing this. If you go faster you iust run out.

The issue of a emptying drifting of time was brought up. I think it is a valid concern and something that was addressed with channeling. However, unlike channeling a 24 window would not be applicable. So to make this more user friendly and not to create another pain point, I am going to drop the 12 hour cooldown to 11 hours. This would give a natural 1 hour drift window between emptying times. For example, if you were to begin to empty your reservoir at 0000 utc you would have an hour to complete the task before the next empty time of 1200 utc. Having this 1 hour drift time will give parcel owners more flexibility especially during high traffic times.

DATA : An example of how fast the amount of circulating tokens has been increasing using FOMO as an example.

There were two things that came up that i would like to address:

  1. “There is no time window.” Correct there is NO time window. I repeat there is NO time window. It was my mistake because i did not imagine that members would actually think that they would somehow get a 1 hour “time window” added to the contract in addition to the 11 hour reset where they would only get 1 hour to channel before the time would automatically reset. So I apologize for misnaming and confusing some DAO members about the 1 hour buffer i mentioned that would happen on a 12 hour rotation being that the actual time limit to claim would be 11 hours after the last claim. So there would be no need to actual “write” that into the contract because it would simply reset after the 11 hour countdown there by helping to facilitate a 12 hour rotation with very little if not zero time drift that would naturally happen on a set 12 hour reset. So no additional work would be required by the DEVs.
  2. This proposal is meant to target specific players. I will reiterate this as many times as I need to stop the spreading of this false information. I have only proposed this to change the times a reservoir can be emptied from 3x daily to 2x daily to help reduce token issuance not to somehow attack any group of owners ,except for botters because i am envious of them, but seriously IMHO the economic model around all issuance at this time is all out of sync with pre-release expectations. We were suppose to have had a Great War in Jan/Feb of this year which would have done a wonderful job of burning tokens that have been issued but that still has not yet happened. The initial economic model was based on things happening at certain points and unfortunately that as of yet has not happened. We just completed a spending competition a little over 2 months ago and we are in need of another one. We are getting to the point were we will need to fund one with increasing frequency if we do not do anything to slow the issuance of alchemica. Sure it is easy to point to channeling but we have not had a new haunt release in quite awhile so those numbers are not really a source of a drastic increase to issuance. Reservoirs however can be built and leveled with more freedom and can add a lot more to the daily issuance. It really sucks that it has even gotten to the point to even mention them but we cannot act like we are currently in an economic situation where we can just keep this going without facing harsher consequences later on. As I have pointed out, we are now at the point where we are more willing to pay 160k ghst in 4 months to burn the accumulated issuance than to try to help reduce issuance in other ways.