Unlocking Spirit Force Through Borrowing

With the REALM launching soon, and in line with Mori’s proposal to allow Gotchis to take on debt, I had a couple of ideas concerning how to more closely tie together the Aave and Aavegotchi platforms. My intent here is to share my thoughts and maybe get some discussion and ideas going about how to attract large amounts of aTokens to Aavegotchi.


The DAO can choose cryptoassets and ascribe to them certain enhancements in the REALM. These enhancements are activated by borrowing that asset against a Gotchi’s spirit force, and scale up to a reasonable limit based on the magnitude of the borrow (size, not health factor). Borrowing WETH, for example, could enhance health, WBTC could increase damage, GHST could increase movement speed, and so on.

This creates a borrow market for lesser used collaterals, and in effect allows players to enhance their Gotchis by paying interest to lenders on the Aave platform.

Some cons:

  • H1 could be excluded if it is not possible to borrow against their spirit force (not sure here)
  • Introduces need to carefully balance “pay to win” aspect

An alteration to this idea would be to make the enhancement come from the Gotchi’s spirit force collateral itself, making the borrowed asset irrelevant, which would give players more flexibility in what they choose to borrow, while incentivizing provision of large pools of desirable collaterals (such as GHST and stablecoins)

Cons here:

  • Market could be disrupted by certain collaterals becoming more desirable than others
  • Gotchis could get pigeonholed into certain roles based on their collateral. A solution here could be the ability to delegate spirit force enhancement to a different gotchi, which has the benefit of giving low BRS gotchis an additional purpose for collectors


aTokens can be either staked on a plot of land or kept in the wallet (technical details would need to be hammered out). When a player borrows agains this collateral, they receive an amount of Aura that can be delegated to different structures to enhance their functionality; for example, increasing the alchemica mining rate, decreasing alchemica leak rate, or enhancing defensive structures.

Just as with Gotchis, players would be able to enhance their land by paying interest to the Aave platform. In my view (and there’s certainly much room for discussion here), only stablecoins (and possibly GHST) would be appropriate collateral for land, and the DAO would whitelist certain borrowable assets to generate Aura (GHST being an obvious choice). The amount of collateral and borrowing needed to reach the maximum enhancement limit would also be much larger than what is needed for Gotchis, and would increase based on the size of the plot.

For the convenience of players who do not wish to use their borrowed assets for some other purpose, we could introduce a way for them to stake those assets and automatically pay back their loan if their health factor is threatened.


I think it’s a fantastic idea to integrate defi utility into the gotchiverse! I’d definitely like to see spirit force and debt have an impact on gameplay in perhaps a logarithmic fashion. Do we have any idea on how the gameplay would work yet? I only know of the whitepaper which is pretty light on key details. I think it would be optimal to include this idea after we have a solid grasp on how the gameplay meta works.

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I’m still waiting on the DeFi aspect of these NFTs.