Aave Yield boast

Aave APY boost with aavegotchi

Hey Frens,

I got a unique idea I’ve been rolling over. If someone else has proposed something similar please point me to them.

My idea is to boost the utility of our gotchis

-this can be done by a AVVE offering a yield boost to anyone that has an avvegotchi. Whatever a used deposited for the soul of the gotchi that is the boost that can be applied. Maybe by whitelisting our gotchis with AAVE & have the limited to season 1. So it makes them even more rare! Thoughts?

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The stablecoins are earning interest through Aave already, is this what you mean? I am not sure what more yield boost Aave could offer…

Nothing crazy, maybe like an extra half of a %? Or maybe by linking our Avagotchis we can be 1st to new Strategies or exclusives?

Also maybe not necessarily stables, if they have plans for future roll outs of other collaterals

Aavegotchi was born from an AAVE incubator, and it’s in the name!

The ties with AAVE go beyind the obvious, but we would need to move beyond alpha stage and have more of a finished product before counting on a boost from the AAVE team:


“Aavegotchi empowers DeFi with NFT collectibles. Essentially Aavegotchi brings new layers of composability within the Ethereum ecosystem. Your past savings experience on Aave unlocks ghost figure collectibles that can be equipped with wearables and consumables. I am positive that after the Aave earning experience, Aavegotchis will spread all over the rest of the DeFi.”- Stani Kulechov, CEO of Aave

The article above is a bit dated now, but still it shows you the spirit (pun perhaps intended) of this project since inception.
So I don’t think it’s a matter IF they will provide a boost, but a matter of preparedness for WHEN the project is ready to be boosted.


I would like to focus on tokens with the highest interest rates available on Aave!