Utility, Growth for GHST Hodlers. Or a fun platform to spend GHST!

Partnership Overview

Leverage the ChainBet betting protocol to add income and returns for sitting $GHST Liquidity. Adds utility to token for GHST users to bet and play games on all our protocols with their tokens. Also gives them the ability to add Liquidity along with the DAO and become the house!

Bankrollers or Liquidity Stakers would own their tokens, and earn winnings based on the house edge. We would require a starting deposit of $10,000 USD worth of $GHST to begin the bankroll. The DAO would own it and receive profits generated from bets placed with $GHST.

On our Testnet launch programs like POLAR and our own USDC pool were earning thousands of profits over a short 3-day period.


Our contracts have been audited by Paladin, and Bankroll Providers and bettors retain ownership of their tokens. Nothing is deposited to our wallets, but games are played directly from your Web 3 Wallet.

We utilize Chainlink Oracles to ensure fair betting and pricing values of tokens.

About ChainBet

We’re a crypto-native development team with tons of experience in the betting industry. We will be chain agnostic and game agnostic with plans to add Slots, Sports Betting, Esports Betting, and card games. As a protocol, we can be deployed to any chain and meta-verse.

We love the Aavegotchi Community and would love for everyone to be able to play our games utilizing $GHST.


For really, $0 invested into ChainBet itself (just moving liquidity around), the DAO can earn funds on Liquidity that is just sitting in a wallet! It will add utility to $GHST, and also present a better way for people to use $GHST tokens they might typically earn and sell on a platform that will directly increase the funds of the DAO.

There is some risk, but we can minimize that with maximum bets to prevent a run that might bankrupt the $GHST Bankroll.

Our whole team is available for additional questions, whether here or on Discord. We would love to discuss the details further and get $GHST featured for our Mainnet Launch on Polygon!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ilkin & The ChainBet Team

What percentage of the casino profits would go to the DAO? Casinos are designed with an advantage against the player. If you want to use GHST in your casino why wouldn’t you just purchase it off the market?

Is your casino putting any GHST up into the protocol? If not, why not? I don’t see why the DAO should be exposed to this risk that the managers of the protocol are not prepared to take themselves.

How many daily active users do you have?


65% of profits would be going to the DAO. We’re looking for partners and communities that our team and community personally enjoy. We can provide a GHST Bankroll, but if none of your community knew about it, it would be pretty pointless. We really like the universe that has been built by Aavegotchi, and some of the team have been attending your Discord calls pretty frequently. We really like the overall vision and work that’s been presented by the community and head members like coderdan

We would be happy to add to the Bankroll, but we are looking to add collaborators that want to do more than just earn some yield, but cross-promote and grow together. We’re a betting protocol so we’re looking at expanding into multiple meta-verses and chains and really hope we can have GHST along for the ride. We will be risking other chain-native and stable tokens as well, so we are heavily invested in the success of ChainBet.

Aavegotchi DAO would be a launch partner! We’ve run on Polygon’s Testnet and had our Discord Community stress test, had around 5,000 addresses playing on that Testnet over a weekend but that’s hardly a perfect indicator of daily active users.

I believe we will constantly launch games that Aavegotchi users will enjoy. Adding utility for the GHST token, and another place for everyone to find entertainment.

In which countries are you licensed?


You may want to look into the legality of betting, there’s already discussion of contests that pay out, but not necessarily gambling.

It would probably be better to use GLTR for gambling and exchanging of hands quickly.

We believe in the ethos of decentralization, and don’t really recognize centralized entities. There’s a lot in our roadmap to ensure 100% of the betting protocol is governed by a DAO.

No one person or group owns ChainBet, and it will possible for everyone to be the House as well as a Player. All funds are non-custodial.

We’re open to featuring GLTR as well!

There’s more than a few groups interested in the legality of gambling. I would love to see more info on how this can work.

Everything including the Bankroll is decentralized on our platform. We require zero deposits to bet, everything is done directly from your wallet.

We’re launching on Polygon, BSC, and have already been approached by MetaVerses who want to utilize the ChainBet Protocol for their own purposes.

We want to bring GHST, GLTR, and all the Gotchi’s along for the ride.

What’s your RNG method? Here they use Chainlink VRF I think, generating random numbers with a third party. Plenty use VRF, I’m curious if ChainBet does the same, I wouldn’t trust a protocol if they did their own RNG.

What kind of “betting” games does chainbet do? Some roulette, 21? Or is it anything? Something that can be set up equation wise that all participants agree to beforehand?

I would advise against betting on players, like E-Sports with gladiators, although I bet it’ll happen at some point anyways. Maybe I should read more about ChainBet, can you post the URL?

This is the only thing I am interested in doing.

Aarena side bets is 100% how I would like to allocate my fun money.

Well if it’s not illegal and everyone wants it. I’m sure there will be scams of fighters that lose on purpose like real life boxing.

That’s called a long squeeeze, in crypto :wink:

Definitely, our website is https://chainbet.gg/ We utilize Chainlink VRF and VRF 2.0. We’re launching games as we complete testing but we have Roulette, Dice Game, and Crash developed and ready to go.

We are also we’re integrating betting on specific game outcomes from Crypto/Web3 game developers. Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for betting on all sorts of games.

We’re starting slow, so the risk to the Bankroll will be minimal. We would love to have AaveGotchi Dao be a launch partner on Polygon with us. The partnership would call for moving liquidity to earn as the House, and this is always under the DAO’s control or whoever is adding to the Bankroll.

Sports betting and E-sports betting are a little ways away on our roadmap.

Upon further thought… side betting on fighters is probably best done OTC, between friends/respected frenemies.

I did just have an idea for some sort of fantasy league, though, where you use the stats of different Gotchis to simulate a battle, Total Warfare style…

We’re implementing betting on other NFT-based games. We would love to integrate betting mechanics on some of the AaveGotchi game outcomes.

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We’re live now on Polygon, would love to feature GHST or GLTR tokens :slight_smile: app.chainbet.gg

I’ve also got approval to boost APRs of your Bankroll with some purchases of GHST or GLTR to add as rewards from our own treasury.

What are the next steps as far as specific details of a partnership proposal?