Musings about weighted FREN-farming

We’re likely going to see a HUGE amount of raffle tickets entered into this upcoming raffle, due to the fact that GHST holders had been staking for several months waiting for launch, and possibly many people who have tickets left over from raffle #3 (it would have cost me $150 to enter my tickets in raffle #3 due to the gas spike that day, so I held onto them). I expect many people will be disappointed to find out that their huge stash of tickets will have proved statistically insignificant. I think leveling the playing field for future raffles might make the events more fun.

I’m curious as to whether anyone has any ideas for boosting the FREN-farming power of smaller players? Maybe this isn’t a concern for most people, but I personally would support an investigation into whether we could work out some sort of curve to increase the number of FRENs generated (FRENerated, if you will) by wallets staking relatively small amounts of GHST and GHST-LP (100-1k is what I’d consider ‘small’).

The most obvious difficulty would be finding ways to disincentivize a whale from simply spreading their stake into as many wallets as needed to maximize their farming power according to the curve. I’d think that limiting the curve’s effect to balances of <1k GHST (or possibly even lower) might help to mitigate this (or maybe even a lower balance is desirable). It would probably not be worth a 100k whale’s time to split their investment into 100 or more wallets to increase their FRENeration rate.

I don’t know what a fair curve might look like, but maybe it could look something like 2x FRENS up to a balance of 100 GHST staked, tapering down to 1x FRENS at 1000 GHST?

Let me know what potential pitfalls I might be missing here! Also share any reasons why you think this approach might be undesirable. The idea here is simply about increasing the farming power of small players, so any comments about ‘wearable inflation’ are off-topic :slightly_smiling_face: