Incentivised community staking

Incentivised community staking


I am putting out a proposal to incentivise other communities to stake their tokens at aavegotchi’s platform to earn ghst.

Example: We incentivise cometh swap tokenholders to stake MUST tokens on the aavegotchi platform to earn GHST.


Expose other NFT game players or similar strong communities the possibility to stake tokens they already have to earn our native token GHST.
This would expose them to our token and the game/interface, and hopefully a meaningful percentage of these stakers would maybe
stake their GHST for FRENS and such, they would be able to win raffle tickets and items.

This would in my opinion be a good way to capture these players in a way they would not have to spend money initially to start with the game, but get them interested
in the game economy and be long term participants.

What funds to use:

This is up for debate, but i propose the 5% burn from HAAUNT / GBM auctions to be earmarked for this purpose instead of being burned. In my opinion this would be infinately more productive way to use these coins. Or Maybe we could use some DAO funds, or a combination.

Wich communities to give this to:

NFT game and other strong communities that live on POLYGON. I do not propose we give the opportunity to stake eth/matic or other large cap tokens that have a wide range of speculators since these people would most likely just farm to dump.

I suggest tokens that have a decent distribution to avoid whales sucking up everything.

I propose we give 1 community the ability to stake, maybe for 2 weeks. Then end that Staking incentive, and move on to the next community.

Wich communities we select could either be chosen by a council or by a snapshot vote.


This suggestion is meant as a way to drive awareness and to get new players into the game without them having to purchase the token themselves.
It is a good way to get people interested to get GHST tokens into their hands.

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Yes. universe did this. ILV followed suit. Frens should be curated by community, too. MUST, AAVE, DINO?, and others should be considered.

Guys, you dont think this is a good idea ? Very low involvement in post :frowning:
Any feedback apreciated… I think this could be a good way to spread awareness.

While I think this is an interesting idea, it might not be ideal for Aavegotchi. Giving out free GHST to “outsiders” / people from other projects would essentially make us a farming project, adding additional selling power on our token. Almost all farming projects at some point realize that a lot of people are just gonna take the free rewards and sell them as yield, not really generating any value for the project itself.

But I do like the idea of closer cooperation with projects that share similar values, like cometh for example. A better way to integrate them might be to expand the baazaar and give them their own “storefront”. The team has already talked about this before, not sure if it’s still on the tables.

That is always the case with farming, the question becomes what projects we open up for farming and what the cost / benefit would be.

I dont know how much 1 new “lifetime” user would be worth in GHST terms, but more people equals more network effects.

Just trying to think of more efficient use of capital for the 5% that we burn, as i dont think it is the optimal use of funds in a growing phase