When will aavegotchis be available on opensea?

Once this is an option, if ever, I feel like it will bring more traction to the game and value to our aavegotchis

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Because Aavegotchi is entirely run on Polygon (Matic); we need to wait for OpenSea to create the L2 version of OpenSea. Currently in Beta, it does not look ready yet. I think that is the reason Pixelcraft decided to launch a marketplace for Aavegotchi from Day One.


I would also like to see this, which would improve the visibility and ease AaveGotchi’s can be traded.

Agree with jasonchewyl regards to the L2 beta and lets see how that progresses, however considering the fee’s in ETH, it might have a greater push forward, we can already see adoption from other projects.

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Aavegotchi.com/bridge will soon offer ERC721 bridging so anyone who wants to transfer their Aavegotchis or Portals to Ethereum Network will have that option.