Whitelist Only Rentals

Hey everyone. After the DAO meeting today, the idea of whitelist only rentals was brought up. As far as I know, there are only 2 solutions we can implement to help the botting issue that wouldn’t require dev time. Either stopping spillage all together or whitelist only rentals.

Something needs to be done quickly about this problem. I don’t want people coming in here saying bots aren’t an issue, because they are. A large portion of the alchemica being generated everyday is going straight to bots. It would literally be better to just burn the alchemica at that point. I’m not saying this is a permanent solution, but to be honest, I don’t think we should’ve ever had completely open rentals at this point in the game. This is an alpha. Most alphas are closed. This is a quick and easy solution that solves a lot of issues. I think it’s a happy middle ground between completely shutting off alchemica spillage and implementing some complicated cartridge system.


Personally, for temporary solutions like this option or turning off spillage would be, I think the devs should be given the rights to decide amongst themselves what the best solution is and implement it. If we need to wait multiple weeks to fix every problem, then that will hurt the game overtime. Bots are essentially a bug (a flaw) in the system. Imagine if we needed to pass a vote everytime the devs needed to implement a bug fix.


100% behind this. Every other solution is just putting the responsibility on other people instead of admitting that we, the owners, are the ones feeding the botters. The hypocrisy of acting like it’s anyone fault but our on, for using rental bots to blindly rent to bots, is staggering. The tools to solve the problem are already there, we are just using them wrong.

If you cant take responsibility for whom you rent to, then don’t rent. There’s a reason you can’t just buy a house and put it on airbnb and walk away and expect it to go well. This is true for gotchis, too.


Until they make these transactions, the game owners keep the liquidity of the stones very low, so the ghst coin liquidity is not affected much.

The liquidity of the other 4 stones is constantly in the range of 10 - 20 dollars and there are many price drops.

If their liquidity is increased, coin prices will return to normal and there will not be much price effect on sales.

If they do not interfere with the liquids, the 4 stone coins will not make any sense.

What is the current breakdown of whitelist vs. non-whitelist rentals? For example are 80% of rentals from whitelists and 20% from open market/non-whitelist? Or the vice-versa? Or is it more like 50-50?

How many of the accounts that have been flagged as bots and banned were on whitelists? what percentage of total players?

Are we worried about any negative externalities to the game from this change? For example say it is a 50-50 split… therefore we effectively remove 50% of the participants, so either the remaining players double their earnings or if there is not the associated sell pressure from the remaining 50% could there be significant price distortions in the market? Since this would correspond with the release of harvesters and reservoirs there would be a lot of buy pressure in the market, could we get to a point where players decide they do not what to build because it is too expensive or they are better off holding and speculating as the prices rise?

Is there the possibility that severely rising alch prices in the short term could hurt the games long term viability?

I’m not sure, just asking questions about current data that would support this solution and potential impacts that I haven’t seen discussed…


this is really not good choice. please all players see what you meet when you log into this game. and I think every one experience the red name period.
white list surely same as this red name system. I believe if white list applied. many many account complain, and so many labors will waste on whitelist confirmation issues, just as you see now what we do for red name system. the red name system already gave us a lesson: waste dev. admins and players time and do nothing to botting.
Yes bot in game is really a problem for any game developers. however I think we should improve the game’s playing strategy (surely we will). and many bots will be useless in such addvanced game strategy, exept they use alphago to play this game which I believe no one can do it.

I think best choice should C: do nothing for botting. however I believe this choise is not realistic especially for emotionally thinking. so I choose A.

I’ve chosen to disable the spillover for a while because despite it is fun to search and pick up alchemica from the ground I don’t want Aavegotchi to become an oligarchy.
Enabling only whitelist rentals will bring too much power to the whales that have already a large power in the DAO and will stop new people to become part of the game.

If I’m new to Aavegotchi and I want to try the game I have to loose hours in searching for a whitelist before try to go around the gotchiverse to pick up some alchemica (if there is any) playing few minutes.

No thanks, better to choose the less bad solution in this case.


yea. i didnt get this right

Not sure if trolling.


hello frens, I have one suggestion to temerarily solve this botting problem:
make certification before withdraw the alchemicas. and set up limit alchemica in pocket as low as possible. for example after you collect 20 you need to goto the black hole to withdraw your alchemica. and before withdraw, you need to answer random questions: “in which district are you now” “how many alchemica now you collect totally” “how many kek now in your pocket” or “input the number and letters shown”.
I think this way can tempararily limit botting. but not permanently, because I believe more advanced bot will come out.
however as I said, if game strategy become complex, the botting problem will solved finally. maybe after liquidator comes, or trading, PVP, advertise personal NFT, and so on, the bot will be useless gradually.

Regarding the whitelist only option - what would stop a gotchi owner from creating a whitelist with every address that has rented a gotchi for the past, say, 30 days - then renting their gotchis out on this whitelist? There would be no competition for them at first, so they could set rates to whatever they feel like - that is until other gotchi owners start renting to that whitelist in which case aren’t we right back where we started?

Maybe I’m missing something- but seems to me like somebody out there would do this- I wasn’t sure if there was anything to stop them from doing so.

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Don’t you need to search for the whitelist? So wouldn’t everyone need to know the whitelist number for that to be effective?

Alternatively, if it was an issue, we could just set a whitelist limit, like 1000 addresses or something.

Yes the main problem with the whitelisting solution is that there are no penalties to punish bad behavior on the part of Gotchi owners lending to addresses that are suspected or confirmed botters, so it’s a toothless solution.

If we don’t want to enforce penalties, then we should think about incentives that reward good behavior instead.

I don’t get how whitelist only rental is a good idea.
I have 4 gotchis and 10 lands with upgraded altaar. How will I find ready to Channel gotchi for 6 of my lands every day ? This is a sad proposal. Even gotchi owners have to become beggars.
Also if whitelist only rental is implemented I won’t be buying new lands and wont be upgrading altars. Bad for economy.
Also botters are humans, they will get whitelisted by whale guilds easily. Not a solution at all.

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You realize in less than a month harvesting will go live right? Will be providing much more alch than channeling does.

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I would recommend studying the models MikeyJay and NotoriousBTC worked so hard on. It doesn’t sound like you have the whole picture of how to make money with land yet. This is all very complex, and I have a feeling you may have been reacting to the tip of the iceberg, because thats all we see at this moment.

Go to this board…

and start reading about here…

I’m sorry that its such a mountain of info, but… knowing this stuff, and knowing WHY it is how it is, will serve you very well later.


I don’t have much to offer in terms of how to do it but speaking generally I’m in support of any well-crafted strategy to fight and hopefully prevent botting. It’s a huge problem for any game with financial incentives and I feel it deserves an outsized response.