Haunt 3 for July/August

Aavegotchi Ecocsystem is growing at an insane pace. Now that we have the release of Channeling Alchemica, there is a supply shock of Gotchis. We have a Land Auction in June and there will 8000 new parcels. I firmly believe that soon there wont be enough Gotchis to channel on each parcel. I believe to keep our ecosystem flowing the way it is, there will be an importance of introducing a new haunt. There is currently an imbalance of Lands to Gotchis. Also, there is a big wave of unique users playing Aavegotchi and the new Haunt will be a way of onboarding them.



this is a utilization-rate of 13.5%.
I suggest a Haaunt 3 at a utilization-rate of 86.5%.


I agree with you!
@Nihiliminalis how do you know the utilization rate is 13%?

I have a serious problem finding a new GOOD gotchi to channel, the community is always busy or already had channeled.

All the remaining is for 60% for the chaneller and is a disgrace imho.

I don’t want to use a bot like vault for channel, is not the game we want, we like comunicate on Discord, I don’t like everything automatized.


Thanks fren and agree. More gotchis won’t magically spawn more players. A new haunt, especially given current market conditions, will wreck the floors on gotchis and cause massive dilution when there isn’t a true need.


I don’t think “there’s only gotchis with a 60/40 split” is a good argument to nuke the Gotchi market. I don’t see why a supply shock is a bad thing, can’t we let anything appreciate in value?


I wouldnt want to be dismissive about having a discussion about an upcoming Haaunt 3 even at this point in time.

My comment was intended as an offer for discussing parameters/indicators, which could help us assess and decide when a Haaunt3 makes sense economically.

„Utilization-rate“ - dividing the numbers of Gotchis in use by the number of Gotchis theoretically available – could be one (of several).

I guess any of us can give anecdotal „evidence“ for the case pro and con for a new Hauunt.

I just think we should aim at agreeing on signals, that will serve us in assessing when the time is right.


Do we really want each parcel to be utilized for channeling at this point honestly?

I feel that there is already enough selling pressure to contend with and anything that speeds up the issuance of alchemica at this point is a major risk for the token economy that lies underneath and fuels the Gotchiverse.

The signal for H3 will be when we see unique DAU #s climb dramatically and rental markets become more competitive in my mind. We have yet to see either of those things that signals the immediate need.


YEs, we need to be having a rational discussion on what a good metric is. Utilization is not a real metric, imho. It would be appropriate, if we had the RPG going, but with just the alch channeling and mining economies, that’s never going to be at max. There is a natural limit to how many people can just be walking around picking it up, and find it worth their time.

I think a combo of metrics, that all need to be met, should be the trigger for “h3 in 30 days”

A good one is “fear greed index, in greed” - this is key, because it means other crypto is moving up, and near a top, so its a good time to pull in new money. Maybe couple this with an ETHGHST ratio and BTCGHST ratio? We want to be doing H3, when BTC and ETH are winning against GHST. A weaker GHST, means people can buy more, and will be much more eager to jump in. Right now, people are licking their wounds and GHST is relatively expensive for them.

Another one, might be average kinship, and set it to wherever it is in the kinship scale, that the returns start diminishing rapidly. - this is good because it makes sure H1 and H2 have a nice undilutable yield advantage going.

How would you measure market supply shock? That’s the key 3rd metric, that would tie it together…


thanks mate! it will be helpful for many users, and will help to get mainstream imho