Aarena - Spendable kinship as entry

Hello everyone!
I’m awake, but not for long, so I’ll try to be fast in my inputs in the next few weeks, or even less, since the time is the most valuable asset in life :slight_smile:

Gotchiverse is on, and the Grid is on it’s way, which means that Aarena is not so far away.

I’m not sure how it’ll be balanced, but I have an Idea how we can affect the leaderboard and the mech of the kinship.

My idea of negative kinship was denied a long ago, that some of the gotchis do not deserve to have them head to get Pet (the should be punished instead, but), so whatever.

AARENA is coming - so, if our gotchis are Keen, how could they cutie asses go and fight?

Alright, if u wanna fight, u need to pay your ticket up with the kinship points - 1 entry 2 kinships, this will bring the decisions on the table, to get a reward now, as something something that u will have after u win, and if u loose… (someone pls help me to make input)

I just think, that if our gotchis is good and keen, what kind of fine they can have, to be considered as a gotchi killers.

Or, PvP that will lead to just a battle, with no gotchi death or something, will have no kinship fine, but the rewards will be dramatically much less or so.
Like a battle mode and challenger modes, not sure, but I know one thing, that no one wants to loose the gotchi 4ever, unless u can pick up the items and stuff, something like it was on Diablo 2m when you can pick up the dead body with ur stuff, but if necromancer summon the skeleton from u, u know xDDD

What a damn shit I’m writing now?
I’m just truing to build up the Aarena vision, since i didn’t found any convos about in in the last few months threads, and Aarena is already on the way…

Aarena ideas?
How we go in, what we pay, what we get, what we loose?

Let’s get it on.