More aalpha before release

I propose to release more aalpha right before the gotchiverse releases.

The information should be about:
The utility of eye shape and eye color.
Exact bonus resources given per kinship point.
How is the Gotchi’s HP calculated; BRS, kinship, level, etc. / does it differ from arena compared to grid.
How fast is the skateboard as a way of transportation.
Further information about handheld wearables; baby bottle Vs. laser gun Vs. fireball Vs. grenades
The utility for backgrounds and pets.

The effect should be to give people a more informed decision when making purchases before the metaverse releases.
When should the aalpha be released: 15th of December.
Drawbacks; some things like xp, kinship, eye rarity might prove less desirable and far more overvalued than initially thought.


I agree with making as much insights into gameplay as readily available as possible but if this interferes with dev resources and time to develop a lot that’s already in the pipeline until launch I’d rather just wait and find out.

That being said, yes, moar alpha if it’s easy to squeeze in with all the shipping going on.


Hello there,
I guess the fact that some traits & items may have some more or less important roles in the verse is a thing.
Whether info about it is released now or when the metaverse appears does not change much in my opinion. As long as there is no insider leak and everyone get the info at the same moment.
It will change the meta of the bazaar and some gotchis / items might suddenly look overpriced / underpriced.

The team is working super hard to deliver an excellent product. It’s incredible how well they have been able to stick to their roadmap. A lot of questions will be answered in the Whitepaper which will obviously be released before the gotchiverse goes lives. That means it’s close. Hang tight and enjoy this really unique time of speculation and creativity. This period where we don’t know what will exist allows us to imagine a lot of possible futures. Some of those ideas may just stick and help shape our gotchiverse.


Agreed. As someone who is only invested in this project at all because I love everything about it, one of the most amazing things IMHO is how they are doing everything possible to be inclusive of everyone. Especially since the masses havent swarmed in yet. Aalpha is great, but we should at least wait til everything is ready/have tons of awareness.

Not all the points OP mentioned are gotchiverse alpha. I think the team should have an idea what topics to include as gotchiverse alpha in medium and what should be included in updated versions of the whitepaper.

I feel like the snapshot vote is not fair because it doesn’t include an option to vote against it – only to abstain. Basically the vote is rigged to go through because the only REAL voting option is “15th of December”.

Besides, has there been any coordination with the PixelCraft team that they’d even be in-reach on the 15th - like if coderdan is on a plane that day it simply can’t even be done.

For the asymmetrical vote and inconsiderate scheduling, I recommend that the vote be made void. Essentially that the result not be implemented because as other people pointed out above, PixelCraft has consistently delivered top notch stuff and they should be given credit for that in the form of trust. Their time is better spent on building the Gotchiverse than delivering somekind of half-baked borderline-extorted Alpha presentation to the DAO.