Rarity Pools: Make your Aavegotchi liquid again

Idea: Create a series of Rarity Pools. You can mint a token (tAaveGotchi) that represent 1 Aavegotchi if you put your Aavegotchi in one of Rarity Pools avaiable. tAaveGotchi will be tradable on Quickswap. You can claim one Aavegotchi from the pool in any moment (no guarantees that you’ll get back same Aavegotchi that you put in)

Rarity Pools:

  • Godlike → Rarity >550 |
  • Legendary → Rarity 500-550
  • Rare → Rarity 450 - 500
  • Standard → Rarity < 450

In my opinion this will help increase liquidity of all ours Aavegotchi and help price discovery.

Liquidity Incentives: Frens?


amazing idea and part of the proceeds could go to ghst reward incentives for users such as raffle winnings or to further bolster ghst treasury