Proposal: Lil Aavegotchis

Proposal: Lil Aavegotchis

Proposal description:

Aavegotchi is one of the most innovative NFT ecosystems in the space, but presents an unfriendly on-ramp for new users. Why don’t we create a companion to Aavegotchis for the kid who only knows how to play on his Switch or for the Generation X/Baby Boomers who may have more trouble than average trying to engage this ecosystem.

Lil Aavegotchis could be what brings Aavegotchis to the mainstream.

Create a mini/toy companion set of NFTs called Lil Aaveotchis that have already been summoned through a portal and come with a very small amount (chosen by the user) of maGHST or another maToken that they can stake and hold as long as they want.

Maybe the treasury can contribute 0.1 GHST for hundreds of thousands of Lil Gotchis to be handed out on social media? Lil Gotchis could provide liquidity to GHST or any compatible token and even to the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Lil Gotchis can be very trendy and if airdropped to wallets who have held GHST or MATIC or engaged the MATIC ecosystem in some way they can explode in popularity and bring more people to Aavegotchi.

Think of the memes.

There can be a separate marketplace and item set for the Lil Gotchis. Holding them can contribute to the rarity and experience of your Aavegotchi. The possibilities are endless.


coincide this launch with christmas season… my god the volume…

aagents to the moon!

I like Lil Gotchi’s as the name… excellent idea. possibilities in marketing are endless :exploding_head:

Seems like Bandai wouldn’t be happy about the name, as they are actively selling Tamagotchi On now. But they didn’t trademark the name Gotchi so fuck em hehe

This deserves attention and a proper look from a game designer and economy designer.

To repeat the same thing; yes a mobile gacha game which convinces the non-crypto folk to give crypto a try by setting up their ethereum/matic addresses and gotchis for them. Has to be simple; just tap a button to spawn a lil gotchi with everything it needs.

I’d like it if it was possible to pair a little gotchi with somebody’s else big gotchi as a cooperative bond game, the lil gotchi can act as a minipet that adds to the BRS for future rarity farms.

Love this idea and would love to hear a follow up.

i turned this proposal down cause Aavegotchi was created by Gen Xers. I don’t think this person did much research into our project before proposing this. Too young, i understand. But gen x is leading the charge in the blockchain space and you can thank them and have some respect for them rather than assume they are just too old for this type of stuff.

I don’t understand, we want to “invent bicycle” again here? We already have Gotchis, as it’s, why we need the same but smaaler?

h2 is coming, and the floor will be low again