Update Aavegotchi.com?

Hello frens,

I am new here and first off, I am loving the vibes of this community so far. I’ve been doing my research into this project for the past couple of hours and am finding it really hard to wrap my head around. The wiki is great and so is the Gotchibible. One quick suggestion from a newcomer’s perspective, it would be nice if all the info about this project was streamlined to the users on one website instead of having to pop around to Aavegotchi .com, Wiki.Aavegotchi.com, Github, medium, discord ect. Aavegotchi .com still feels like a very rough product vs. the Gotchiverse side of the site, and this being the main and first product users interact with in terms of this protocol is a little off-putting vs more externally polished projects out there right now. Hopefully, this is being worked on, or, at the very least, this incites a dialogue around how to best approach this as a DAO?

Ben Adam

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Hey fren welcome

The website and user onboarding experience is undergoing a massive overhaul at the moment. If you have specific feedback reach out to anna maggie in the Discord as she’s heading up the UX development.

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Great to hear fren! I have a couple of ideas that I would love to share with Anna Maggie. I will hit her up. Thank you fren!