Aavegotchi Blacksmith - Unveil the Unlimited Potentials of Wearable (and more)

This is overall a really neat idea. To be honest, I don’t fully understand how the mechanism you’re proposing works. I’d need to see a more visual example :slight_smile: I do like the idea of ‘burning’ wearables, however. Anything and everything that destroys stock and increases rarity is, to me, a good thing.

An idea I have on this topic:

It would be cool to have it where you can distill down three items of the same rarity and from it get a gem that imbues a wearable with +/- 1. The gem rarity would only apply to wearables of the same rarity. The gem’s trait would be randomised from the pool of stats of the items destroyed.

Ie: you distill three common items. One is +1 BRN, one is -1 SPK, and another +1 NRG. The resulting gem would be one of those three, in this case, +1 BRN.
That gem could then be imbued into another common item. Imbuing an item is permanent.

Mechanisms like these would need to be balanced to prevent power creep but also to be worth it enough for hardcore players to burn mythical and godlike items.


I think the mechanics could be simplified but I like the idea of burning wearables. At some point, as you mentioned, their value will be diluted if they keep adding them. Having an incentive to remove some from the game would benefit it. The addition of the lore is a nice touch and I admire your creativity. It would integrate well with the realm. Good job!

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Imbuing a gem to the wearables was also in my consideration. However, if we change a wearable’s stats, it will result in the change of its tiers. Simply increasing BRS will not affect that!

Thank you. We will have a good back up plan for that situation!