Aavegotchi Blacksmith - Unveil the Unlimited Potentials of Wearable (and more)

Hi everybody, in this topic I want to contribute some ideas that can extend the utilities and scarceness of wearables in Aavegotchi. I do understand some of them can heavily impact the game’s meta and it will multiply the time and efforts of development. However, you guys can treat this as a reference regarding to the wearables.



It is the place where the best Gotchismith lives and helps other Gotchi frens make/upgrade their amors, hats, weapons,… Legend has that he is one among the Genesis Gotchis to travel to the Realm and that he has forged more than a million weapons. No one really knows how old he is, how could he travel to the Realm without the Portals and how much GHST he is holding. Anyone who can get the answers for those secrets would have a chance to unlock his grand powers.

In-game role

Aavegotchi Blacksmith is a section in ‘PLAY’ zone of the game and at the same level with Aavegotchi Baazaar or Aavegotchi Maall.

The Potentials of Gotchismith

1. Quests

Gotchismith can be a place where Aavegotchi summoners host different kinds of quests for the community. Quests may include:

  • Beginner guide quests: help new users get used to the game interface
  • Event quests: useful for verifying eligibility powered by blockchain
  • Main quests: Get rewards for buying wearables or GHST curves and support Pixelcrafts, or suport the whole community
  • Wearables upgrading/creating quests (discussed below)

Also, with Gotchismith’s background written above, good stories about the quests can be written up.

2. Upgrade your wearables

2.1. Upgrade with dark gems

Gotchismith is well-known for his bad habit: gambling! However, gambling here does not mean playing poker or dicing. Instead, he makes bets with the Godchis.

Introducing Gotchi Dark Gem:

When you lock/burn your wearables, complete Quests, and pay GHST, you will receive dark matters with different tiers. Their tiers are determined by the tier of locked/burned wearables.There are six types of them: Common/Uncommon/Rare/Legendary/Mythical/Godlike.


The ratio, for example, can look like this: three common wearables can mint one common dark gem.


How to use: At Gochismith, you will have to submit your wearables. Each wearable will have three slots where you can put from 1 to 3 dark gems into it. Each of the dark gems gives you a ratio of successful upgrades and it depends on the tiers of them. Ratios can be staked with each other. The ratios become less effective when they are used for higher levels. 3 common gems will give a common shirt level 0 100% ratio of success but those will only give 21% of success to mythical shirt level 0.

There may be five levels for each wearable. Each successful upgrade will give you a certain amount of RS. However, the higher wearables’ levels, the lower the successful ratios become.

For example, 3 common gems will give a common shirt level 0 100% ratio of success but those will only give 50% ratio of success to a common shirt level 1.

Gems can be traded and transferred. They will vanish even though the upgrade fails or succeeds.

2.2. Simple upgrade

Wearables can be upgraded directly without any intermediary steps. Gotchigangs just need to collect wearables of the same types or the same tiers. Upgrading this way will guarantee success but higher levels will require bigger numbers of wearables.


3. Initial Forging Offering

Gotchigangs can buy wearables to take part in the Initial Forging Offering event. This event can be held whenever the supply of wearables is overwhelming and the cost is devalued.

A number of wearables will be worshiped to randomly generate a new wearable. The chance of getting new wearables is guaranteed, but the tier is not. It depends heavily on your luck. It’s like you are recycling your wearables to get the new ones while keeping the existing number balanced.


The main purpose for blacksmith is to:

  1. Counter the devaluation of wearables: the drop of wearables will keep coming and coming while there are currently a lot of them already

  2. Add more rooms for growth of Basic Rarity Score when there is no more slot to equip wearables and:

  3. Let people keep their favorite wearables: even though some wearables are good to look at or offer good stats; however, people still have their own tastes. This will let them keep their favorites while giving them better performance.

  4. Add more income for Pixelcraft Studios team and AavgotchiDAO



  1. Dev team have to work more to integrate a whole new system

  2. Additional RS must be balanced, especially those of higher tiers

  3. The loss when upgrades fail

  4. Others


Above are the ideas I wanna share with you guys regarding the wearables supply. I hope this will be useful if there are any problems show up.

Stay spooky, Gotchigang Skrtttttt


I like it, and you’ve definitely taken your time to outline a thoughtful post. Thank you for doing so!
The incentivization of scrapping items for the pursuit of something better, which I am a huge fan of, is a great idea.

I would love for the Devs to take a look at this and give their input, I personally do not know how easy of a system this would be to implement. My only immediate concern is the potential overcomplication of item scrapping.
I don’t know how well a system utilizing Dark Gems would work, while being able to just scrap items for better items might be a simpler method. But I know nothing of coding so I may be wrong!


Yes this is an incredible idea. add scarcity to items people dont want to help their price and help the floor while allowing more room for more diverse collectibles to enter the space as protocol grows and user generated wearable become available. this could completely drive the scarcity for the economy of aavegotchi wearables as it matures.


throw a fee on their with a 50:50 split for stake in dao treasury and burn tokens to help token price out. something like a few ghost scaling up potentially as rarity increases i think is logical.


Thank you for your thoughts. While upgrading wearables with wearables is simple, Dark Gems are the combination of the wearables’ value and it would open up more utilities when the game grow larger in the future. But they all hold the core idea to counter the oversupply :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s great that we share the same thoughts. I hope this recycling idea can help to deal with or support the other potential ideas for oversupply.

Yes, it’s optional for people to upgrade their people and pay fees, so fees from Gotchismith can be good for the team and DAO, even with the tokenomics

Such beautiful design and effort has gone into this! I don’t want to comment on specifics because it falls into areas of game design that are not my specialty, but definitely curious what the devs would think.
I just want to thank you for your outstanding effort! Love to see it!


Thank you for your words ser! If it can address the problem then I’m even happier!

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I want I want I want! But I read about that idea twice before already, and there were even proposal made, but there was nothing described that detailed! Great job! :+1:


I know it’s a popular idea, and I want to support it!!! Thank you!

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WOW!!! I am so impressed with this idea and the time you put into the presentation. I love the idea and the way it gives every Gotchi a chance to rise up the leaderboard by being an active part of the Gotchi Metaverse. Your dedication to the GOTCIGANG is awesome.


Thank you for your thumbs-up! Hope we will have a fun SZN1!


Great idea!

Thank you for taking the time to form this. Lets see what Realm and Minigames bring, perhaps we can incorporate as rewards in minigames?


I thought about that too. That’s why this should be just a reference in case the team has a similar solution but not still need additional elements for some problems.

No Problem .Good luck to you too.

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You have a very intriguing, well thought out concept here. Find it fascinating and and clever way to recycle wearables and address oversupply. Implementing would have a significant impact on the Dev’s Gotchiverse roadmap. There are far too few dev resources chasing many outstanding requirements and a growing pool of good ideas, especially given the current level of Gotchi adoption.

I’m curious to get feedback from the Devs about this concept in the aftermath of the Gotchiverse Realm litepaper. We definitely shouldn’t let this idea fade away but may have to be patient.

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I like this idea and think it definitely has some potential in the gotchiverse going forward, but I do think there would be some major pros and cons to consider…


  • Would make existing items more rare, as some of their supply is burned
  • Gives people that already have bought items the chance to upgrade (potentially higher BRS or different stats)


  • Devs would need to implement a system to keep track of the total number in circulation as items are burned (would make it harder to gauge how rare/worth of items in bazaar otherwise)
  • This would likely only work if the items that you could get from trading in others were new to the game (as in, made specifically for those who burn items to upgrade). Would not want to mint duplicates of existing items because that would devalue the ones held by people that paid hard earned GHST for them.

May add additional thoughts to this as they come to mind, but if implemented the right way, I do think this would be a really cool idea. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you. I will post it on Discord again to see what people think ser!

Thank you ser, for your thoughts to it!

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