Little Aavegotchis 3.0

Inspired by the Lil Aavegotchis proposal… I have an idea.

Aavegotchis with 100 BRS that only have 1 trait at max. These gotchis can be equipped in the pet slot and you can also put wearables on them. These gotchis specialize in just 1 trait to have 0 or 99. They are for gotchis who lack a good fourth trait and need to make up for it. They’re mini-game assistants.

This is where I want to spitball ideas with you;
I was thinking that these gotchis can only be created via sacrificing gotchis. So the people in the top 10 XP will have a lot of mini gotchi familiars waiting for them.
And if we’re going with the dead gotchis then these max 100 BRS gotchis must always have a 0 or 99 trait, no inbetween 1-98 and absolutely no 49s otherwise we’d have to implement portals which give you 3-20 little gotchis to choose from till you get a good one.

That’s actually an interesting idea giving the sacrificed gotchi an extra afterlife.

Perhaps the Lil gotchis can act like a Summon Materia in FInal Fantasy(Ifrit, bahamut) and the can be charged with Gotchus Alchemica(kek, fomo, alpha, fud)

They would have a role in the battles of the Reaalm and perhaps serve as boosters in the collection of Alchemica

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That’s a nice and deep thought for Alchemica usage.
Prob in the future all 4 elements might be used fro crafting 1 time use wearables for games MB or consumables.

Seems like a pretty big change to the fundamentals of the game and what BRS is. It would require anyone who wants to be competitive to find and sacrifice a gotchi to “fix” a stat. Why promote this? It just leads to power creep and distorts the current metagame.

Lots of downside, and I don’t see a need for lil gotchis like this. Sorry, I’m against it.

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