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This proposal is one of several I’m submitting as part of an Aavegotchi Revitalization Plan (“ARP”).

Problem: Going into Season 1, we’re losing interest from what I’ll call “low commitment” players who are unable to commit a sufficient amount of capital input to acquire expensive wearables or buy tons of raffle tickets at a chance of getting a wearable. These players were further dispirited by the recent Maal sale. Simply put, with no minigames out yet, folks who bought lower BRS gotchis are feeling like there’s not a place for them in the current meta, and this is being reflected in the decreasing gotchi prices. To many, the game is increasingly overwhelmingly “pay to play.”

ARP Goal: Without significant changes to the game’s current structure, how do we make people feel like they’re a part of the game even if they can’t afford expensive wearables? How do we increase the inherent value to gotchis and incentivize people to hold their gotchis?

Proposal: This proposal suggests that future distributions (XP distributions, wearable sales/raffles, and season-end GHST distribution) set aside a small amount of the distribution and randomly airdrop the item to a small number of aavegotchi-holding wallets (i.e., a wallet that is holding an aavegotchi). I propose the following:

  • For every XP drop, whatever the amount of XP that’s being distributed will also be distributed to three unique Aavegotchi-holding wallets that otherwise would not have received the XP. This is obviously free to the DAO

  • For every wearable-distribution, the following number of items are set aside and randomly airdropped: 1 godlike, 2 mythics, 5 legendaries, 10 rare, 10 uncommon, 10 common. This is also free to the DAO

  • For the season-end GHST distribution, roughly 0.5% of the total GHST is set aside and airdropped to three Aavegotchi-holding wallets who finished outside the top 100 for that season. For this season, that would be a little less than 5,000 GHST being distributed, resulting in <2 GHST being taken away from each Aavegotchi who would be otherwise receiving GHST.

This means that an Aavegotchi essentially becomes a re-usable raffle ticket. Just by holding an Aavegotchi, users get a chance at receiving airdrops. I propose that wallets be weighted based on the number of Aavegotchis someone holds: so a wallet with 10 aavegotchis has a 10x chance of getting an airdrop. This is necessary because people can just create 10 wallets for their 10 gotchis. This seems to be an unavoidable consequence of the anonymous blockchain nature of wallets (i.e., how can we ensure that every user has an equal chance at an airdrop?).

This should be very easy to implement with a simple contract that notes the owner wallets of all gotchis, and using Chainlink VRF randomly distributes the airdrop.

Overall, I think this is a very easy to implement solution that would dramatically increase user participation and retention, and increase the inherent value of all Aavegotchis.

Would love to hear feedback!


I think it’s a great idea to use the Gotchi themselves as a vehicle for engagement.
While there’s certainly a niche for wearable flippers, market makers, raffle gamblers and pajama-hat connoisseurs, at the end of the day a gotchi is what brings the entire package together, being the wonderful little NFT that you engage with daily and decorate with all your fine hauls.

Using gotchi as a vehicle for fairer distributions and greater community engagement, at any kinship level, rarity score, experience amount, and wallet-size is a great step towards becoming a true virtual world that feels alive and unscripted.


Excellent idea. This will drive more community engagement.


I totally agree with everything you say bro something needs to change desperately and fast!! The only thing I disagree with is the term “low commitment players” for some simply buying a gotchi was a big commitment and just because they cant afford to put in stacks and stacks of cash doesn’t make them any less committed to making this project in to the success it deserves to be . But once again I have to say that all of the points you make are spot on and thank you for your effort in trying to make a change for the better


Great idea! The spirit of the proposal resonates with me.
I disagree with one point only, and it is the XP drops. Why give XP, which is a measure of engagement, to unengaged gotchies? Makes little sense to me, but maybe you can expand on your reasoning for also distributing XP?


Agree with this one.

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XP isn’t inherently a measure of engagement – lots of whales have just bought up gotchis with large amounts of XP to sacrifice. And of course, there’s XP potions on the baazaar.

The idea of this proposal is to find cheap and easy ways that distributions of value can be airdropped to aavegotchi holders to increase the inherent value of an aavegotchi. If a few people who aren’t participating as much end up getting XP as a result of that, I think it’s a small price to pay (the price being 0) for people feeling like their gotchi is more valuable.

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Good point, XP can be bought. This weakens the notion of XP as a measure of engagement, absolutely.
I do think we should aim at correcting that, instead of throwing the towel and airdropping XP to inactive gotchies. Absent of anything else, I do rather see your proposal go through than worry about some inactive gotchies getting XP.


Before breaking game balance and game economics even more, please do proper research. You just proposing random changes, which will impact significantly on the Gotchiverse.

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Agreed with most everything except for giving out free godlikes. Considering they have very small supply, dropping even one free one significantly dilutes the value of the others.


Most people who’ve been active on Discord (as I know you have) know I’ve been involved in this community pretty significantly since launch (as I know you have too), so I think it’s unfair to claim i haven’t done proper research. I’m genuinely curious – why do think that giving out a very small amount of airdrops would “break game balance and game economics even more”?

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I think it’s a great idea! I see this as a loyalty campaign, and if we add a marketing campaign for new users on top of that, then it’s perfect. But I guess the team is trying to take one step at a time, doing everything they can, I’d definitely be overwhelmed if I was them. There are soooooo many proposals already, people suggesting changes to pretty much everything… it’s just crazy, and very healthy as well. That said, I think a loyalty campaign, and a marketing campaign a bit later, are something that we should prioritize, so you have my full support!

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That’s a fair point. Airdropping godlikes could be unfair – not sure it dilutes the value of others, but it certainly makes it hard for folks to get godlikes because there’s less available. I’ll take this out of the Snapshot proposal when I post it

I love it, it feels like a small price to pay to incentive the wider community.


I Would make these drops to only include gotchis outside the top 5000 in rarity score. We have been thinking what purpose would low brs gotchis be and this would be it.

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I like the wearable distribution raffle, 10% of wearables to be randomly distributed to wallets holding atleast 1 gotchi and is staking ghst (maybe 10 ghst, atleast a little bit to incentivise locking of ghst) at the time of the snapshot (snapshot time should not be revealed for same reason, locking of ghst)

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Check out my new proposal here: ARP Part II: Three-part wearable distribution plan

I totally agree feen

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you have my attention fren… <3

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As I was reading this, I saw a number of notable things I wanted to make mention of earlier but was too occupied. I had thought there would have been implementation of a couple things written about above, but if nothing is in the works or is being 'Alpha’d currently, a great deal of the above sounds pretty marvellous to be honest.

You want more user adoption and platform activity from curious newcomers, inclusiveness and Aavegotchi-sponsored public activities are key.

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