GHST for good. Giving back to the community

Hey Frens,

I’ve been thinking lately about contribution to both the community and humanity as a whole. The charitable cause for humanity is quite an undertaking, but giving back to the community is something I believe we can open up to in the near future.

Something I have noticed lately is a number of new people popping up in Discord that love the aavegotchi ecosystem and are passionately wanting a gotchi. Some of them unfortunately do not have the money to join us and therefore leave.

I feel there’s a lot of potential energy to capture here within our community and to help it grow.

A low hanging fruit idea that pops to mind is to reserve something like 25 portals for community members who really show initiative, positivity, and contribute to the group as whole. Then the group as a whole could award those who really show up with a portal. It’s sort of like a scholarship opportunity for those to get their hand on the lower rung of gotchi society :slight_smile:

I’m thinking it would be less of a complete X tasks to receive a portal and more intangible. People who really show up and are an awesome addition to the community could be nominated for the gift :slight_smile:

The actual cost of implementation would be negligible and I feel we could create an opportunity to really change someone’s life through an initiative like this.

What are your thoughts on this? The portal idea is just one way, but I’d love to hear how you’d give back to others in the community :heart:


I like this idea and support it fully. Getting people involved regardless of their socioeconomic situation is really important. Aavegotchi (today) has a high barrier to entry, even in Haunt 2 the floor is what 300 GHST?

Other ideas: instead of portals, offer frens.

Also, this is an awesome community. It would be really cool to reward those that are so helpful in the discord. I’m new to DeFi, and this community has helped me understand so many things. It’d be cool to give out some kind of reward to the people really helping others out.

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Thx fren. I’m currently offline but once I get back into it, I can pull together something a bit more formal and see how the community responds :slight_smile:

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I love the idea of sponsoring active members but I think I’ve had my limit of supply inflation. Go look at the bazaar, supply is already a problem. You can’t expect people to “adopt early” when their investment is only headed downhill. GHST is suffering too, at a time when everything else seems to be green.

Instead of airdropping portals can we use the DAO to buy up some of the cheap Gotchi and portals in the bazaar? Maybe that’s what you meant anyway… just thought I’d be explicit because I’ve seen other proposals reasoning that more supply = more adoption = good for everyone but I disagree.

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I hear you 100% on supply inflation. My original thinking was something along the lines of reserving a small number of portals of the already existing. So there wouldn’t be any impact on the actual supply, ever. And the actual number would be quite small, something like 25 that would go to top community members (ideally non-holders who contribute and are growing the community, helping build a play-to-win type of scenario)

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I agree with the sentiment. If the Aambassador role would pay me 500$ during the bear market then that could keep me afloat bare minimum.
I wonder what happened to that guy responsible for the santa hat drops, the one who lost a lot of Chainlink.
I lost a lot of money myself, but it was on a phishing scam pretending to be Metamask. I lost more than the person who accidentally sent LINK to the GHST contract address. Good thing for the 1Inch and Murall airdrop or else I’d be out of the game. I was really close to becoming financially independent too, only needed a 4x. Difference between me and most people living in America, Sweden, Germany, France is that I don’t need 1 million dollars to become financially independent, I need at 1/5th of that on a 8% APY. I’m still looking for passive income options during the bear market, so far all I have in mind is renting apartments.

Agreed - any thoughts on taking the next step for this?

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