Adding more filters to the Baazaar

Reposting this here because the original creator didn’t follow our SigProp template and posted the idea on Snapshot instead.

It’s pretty lame that there are no filters when searching through all those sweet gotchis. For example, if you want to buy gotchi with bitcoin eyes, you need to scroll and scroll and scroll. Also, search by name would also be nice. What is the use of names if you can’t find it, buy it and show off :smiley:
It would add so much transparency and rarity segregation.

So my proposal is to add filters:

  • rarity “from” - “to”
  • each filter “from” - “to”
  • kinship “from” - “to”
  • xp "from - “to”
  • name search
  • spirit force type

As people seem to feel badges are of value, those would be useful as well.

The more we enable people to find what they want or do market research, the more the market will move.

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