Nice to have a sort by price and other filters in the Baazaar

The current view on Baazaar only shows the latest 90 listings. Having these filters will definitely help users to make better purchases.


Wouldn’t that just lead to people buying the cheapest stuff and putting it back in immediately for a higher price? The way it is now, you can still hunt for “bargains” that other people might have missed.

If this is about not being able to see all listings, a page system would solve this.

They’re already working on this as far as i know
or atleast working on having multiple pages.

It’s not just about buying cheap and selling high. Having sort options and filter will help all users to search for specific items as per their requirements, say for example - I want to buy an Aavegothchi with rarity more than 500 and sort them by cheapest. Or say if I want to buy a wearable that provides more than +2 for a specific trait.


when you list something on bazzaar, like an aavagotchi…you wont even be able to see it after an hour if no one buys right away

thx @sudeepbiswas | truly needed for an efficient and effective market place

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pretty sure the team have stated a few times now that this is of the utmost priority for them

looking to see
-price ^v
-brs ^v
-ars ^v
-time since listing ^v
-mint ^v

advanced searches
-sepcific items
-specific eyes
-trait variance

-would be nice if the market showed all gotchis with a way to hide unlisted gotchis.
with added offering with unlisted gotchis.
this is an all around necessity imo as it would allow for a much more user friendly browsing expirience
access to information will be critical for the long term success of the gotchi market.


Gotchi gang to mars fuck the moon feeling spicy. lets make this happen


Yeah the Baazaar is still very beta in its development. We’re working hard to improve it!


People who try to buy low/sell high make price discovery work. It’s a feature.

This topic has already been discussed many times. This is high on the priority list and the devs have made that clear in the discord. Closing the thread.