Linking gameplay and kinship

I had an idea. Would it be a good idea to link the acquisition of kinship with the actual gameplay. The gotchi would have the pet effect whenever it is brought to the gotchiverse.

I am thinking this might make the kinship mechanics more integrated in the rest of the gotchiverse. Now, when the REALM launches, it feels like the petting game is getting a little isolated from rest of the game. …similar to rarity farming btw…

Further this would introduce an incentive for people to rent out their gotchis with a competive prices making the whole system more market driven.

For the sake of conversation should the kinship be produced by:

  1. Petting only. (Now)
  2. Petting and gameplay. (Transition period)
  3. Gameplay only. (When ready)

Post scriptum: One option would be linking xp and gameplay also but maybe xp will be utilized more with events and achivements in the game itself and not just entering the game.


XP is definitely part of game play, as far as everything I’ve read, but I agree 100% that petting needs to die off when we open the world up, as it is just a placeholder for playing the game, and it’s just a placeholder for participation at this point.

I think the best way to log participation is to make sure the gotchi does one or more of certain activities, inside a 12 hour period, that aren’t super easy to bot. Things that would work… playing an arcade game, getting in a fight with something, depositing alchemica, making a transaction(bottable, in that you could wash trade or min trade on GeX, but that is market activity, so at least it’s feeding the prize pool)

If the gotchi is rented out and in use, it’ll get taken care of. If not, you as the owner are neglecting it, and should either get it rented or go take it out for a spin.

Same goals as petting, no botting it, and it encourages people to pay attention to their investment.

The bot in this case would be rental services, but that’s fine, as the whole point there anyways, and we are just trying to show that the gotchi isn’t neglected.

Front loading the realm heavily, especially early on, seems like a very tricky idea.
Rarity farming should never be phased out.
I think these two systems can live in harmony, one doesn’t have to take away the other.


Rarity farming, yes, but petting… it’s just wasteful when you have an actual playable game that will show that the gotchi is getting some luvin.

I think it is reasonable to have an idea like you.
But I think Gotch is going for something more than just a game.
(Is it a religion? Art in a new context?? I don’t know.)
If you optimize the content too easily you may not get there.
Gotch will become more and more complex, and some stress and strain on the player will be inevitable.
But bear with it and accept it slowly. Gotch slowly metamorphoses.

I think it’s going to be the one thing the last humans find in the wreckage, where we don’t come out looking hopeless :smiley:

No pressure tho.

“Look here, right before the fall, they almost got it right, these nerds were on to something”

and then they rebuild society based
on the principles we lay down here…

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