Alchemica economic plan

Reduce gotchis income? fucking not.
If your gotchis don’t go up . Land income has risen. That is you value the land more than the gotchis. leaving the gotchis land is nothing.
So the crux of the matter is to protect the gotchis. Everything revolves around gotchis. Before the demand for gotchis grows. Don’t create and maintain the value of derivatives.
As long as gotchis rise steadily, all those derivatives only make sense.

Hello frens,

I propose the following that might bring whole new life into the economics, if PC does not deliver in ~6m something playable and fun:

  1. RF farming, 1.5M GHST for Jan-Feb 2023.

  2. Slice in half the channelling amounts (stay with me, don’t shiver)

  3. A gotchi can channel twice a day (a different parcel) making Number of Gotchies ~= Number of Parcels that can be channelled / 1.5 (way better ratio)

  4. Kinship is incremented only on channelling (2x a day)

With these changes, kinship is less prone to be botted and strictly related to the activity from the gotchiverse, parcels upgrades are required in order to get the same rewards as before the halvening of kinship rewards (big sink for alchemica). It is similar to what @Immaterial proposes, but has a different implementation. The biggest pro of this change is the fact that gotchies have to be present on two parcels a day, giving the gotchiverse more activity while massively improving the number of active parcels / upgrades.

Although, at this point, I would rather leave the economy as is, farming rewards wil get a hit on daily basis and we get to almost parity with gas prices. When that happens, upgrades should be cheap enough to have another cycle of farming upgrades. Changing things at this moment will definitely mess up calculations made by almost all the people that started farming a few months ago.

The ball at this moment is in PixelCraft’s court, as the DAO can only fix so much (anybody there listening?). I think, you, PixelCraft, had as many detours as possible from the actual development of a playable fun game. PixelCraft going forward with fake experiments, in my opinion, will just trigger more and more discussions like these.

I suggest going forward with only carrots and not sticks: RF schedule should be announced as soon as possible, even if it is going to be in Feb-March 2023 (we have more than enough $$ sitting in the DAO wallets for a decent RF), alchemica competitions sponsored by the DAO, move kinship increases to gotchiverse actions (I am a big fan of one per day kinship point when channelling, or two if the above suggestion gets traction), Halloween / Mosaics competitions.



We tried that with CryptoGotchi in another thread about kinship
if you want to check it out, heres the link:

As much as I detest nerfing, I’ve wanted to keep an open mind and consider the stronger reasons for why this is being proposed.

Please see the attached table, current with live prices for all inputs. What I’m seeing is that you can technically still extract profitably at 25 kinship on a L1 altar- this maybe shouldn’t be the case.

You can also see that by 500 kinship and level 3 altar you have already reached the bulk of what you can get from channeling, as the improvement thereon is of greatly diminishing returns.

What if instead of nerfing everybody with the same bat, we adjust our numbers so that you need about 500 kinship and a level 4-5 altar before you can see substantial numbers from channeling? This would leave room to not nerf (and perhaps even boost) the loyal users that have high kinship and high level altars.

Something else happens if you follow this route- as the pure extractors begin petting more diligently and upgrading from level 1 altars, the sunk costs and time investment will motivate them to continue upgrading the altar- and once they have a high level altar, they are incentivized to place harvesters (the desired outcome, if I understand this proposal).

Overall, adjusting the numbers to encourage altar upgrades makes a lot more sense than nerfing/axing channeling altogether.


If the target is lvl 4-5 aaltar. There is no need to upgrade or even purchase a humble.

You can deposit your gotchi into gotchi vault. Lend the gotchi to yourself and channel on a lvl 6 aaltar. You lose 15% but it is basically same result as using your own lvl 4 aaltar minus a few cents.

Theres plenty of open Level 6 aaltar depending on time of day in gotchivault

Of course, if everyone start doing it then its another story

The aadept’s guide from farming release says the optimum level for humble is 4-5? Am I missing something there? Do we have any serious humble parcel farming at levels 1-3?

I think you misread my response. Gotchi vault rental comes with 4000+ parcel of various level.

I am saying I don’t need a humble to begin with to channel the said gotchi to produce the same alch

ok, addressing your entire point including the vault speculation, my response is that the free market should adjust to this reality. I am not sure the vault can suddenly cover all the gotchis that currently extract from level 1s (have you seen the swathes of level 1 altar parcels out there in all districts?).

These level 6 altars would be used more= more profitable, and more people would upgrade to level 6 to cover the demand. isnt more spending on upgrades what we want?

I am not sure there is a correlation between number of level 1 aaltar out there and the number of people actually using them as lvl 1 aaltar are free to place.

Big brain from you as usual. Nice thoughts.

We are definetelly missing timeline for alchemica sinks….mostly because we dont know how sinks will look like :smile:

I think a lot of people are missing fact that land sales are the future of protocol income. If alchemica drop beneath gas price, i think land sales will not be possible at all.

How long can PC function without new income (no asset sales)?

Heres my parcel level 1 usage report for reference


yeah we’d need hard data to be able to take the conclusions further.
I hoped the advantage to adjusting level 1-3 altars ( a clear extraction route) vs. nerfing gotchis, the cornerstone product, would be easier to see.

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yeah we kind of flying blind here XD

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I say, no adjustments to channeling or farming. If we are to invest anything into the project it should be to invest time into building sinks not break down what has already been built. Many of us have invested significantly into the ecosystem based on what has already been set forth. We have already made significant changes that have had an impact on our players yields. If we continue to switch it up completely now it is only going to turn players/investors away from the project. If you think prices are sinking now, imagine what will happen when our big players (or many small players even) just dump everything and walk away from the project?? Then we have an even bigger problem of building our player base back up. Devs have invested lots of resources into marketing and growing the verse over recent months just to turn more things off… what a waste.

I can see the concern but this is a long term project and we are in a bear market. If anything, we should be excited by low alch prices so that more people are incentivized to invest into farming for cheaper.

It seems to me that the only people who would be upset by alch prices being low are the ones that are selling alchemica back to the market. Why would we not want to incentivize that by hurting the players who are engaged in the game?


A better alternative, share your thoughts frens!

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Yes, this adds more competitiveness to kinship. Good form ser.

I understand the reasoning for the alternative proposition, but I like this one better for two reasons.

  1. We can act on frequency instead of rates. The time and gas ratio not included in the numbers will make it feel even worst.
  2. We can program a way back to normal by using the multipliers so it is in line with the farming inflation and we know how much to update it when and if it has the intended effect

Hi all, do not know which thread will be the “main one” so I guess I will post this on both. After looking at what has been presented and what it is that is trying to be accomplished, I have an alternate proposal. I agree that the main issue is how many tokens are issued daily is more of a concern than the amount of the tax that is put on them. Changing only the amount that is taxed (spillover %) should IMO not be the “go to” move after asset owners have been excruciating their build out plans for so long especially considering the changes that were made when the new recipes were introduced. I like some others have suggested would rather see the issuance of tokens be address. The data that has been used suggests that higher lvl altars are having a higher level of usage than the lower level ones which should be the case since they are not “taxed” as heavily. I propose that we reduce the issuance of tokens for all altar levels.
Level 9 every 1 hrs … Level 9 every 1.5 hrs
Level 8 every 2 hrs … Level 8 every 3 hrs
Level 7 every 4 hrs … Level 7 every 5 hrs
Level 6 every 6 hrs … Level 6 every 7 hrs
Level 5 every 8 hrs … Level 5 every 9 hrs
Level 4 every 10 hrs … Level 4 every 12 hrs
Level 3 every 12 hrs … Level 3 every 14 hrs
Level 2 every 18 hrs … Level 2 every 20 hrs
Level 1 every 24 hrs … Level 1 every 28 hrs

IMO by making a change to every altar level is better than a heavy “tax” on the majority of parcel owners. Also this would in a way force gotchi channeling on lower level altars since they are being done by highest altar level down to the lowest ones further decreasing the total number of tokens that are claimed daily.

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Need to just push the L1 past a day. If you don’t do that, you are only hurting the top of the scale.
Level 9 every 1 hrs … Level 9 every 1.5 hrs
Level 8 every 2 hrs … Level 8 every 3 hrs
Level 7 every 4 hrs … Level 7 every 5 hrs
Level 6 every 6 hrs … Level 6 every 8 hrs
Level 5 every 8 hrs … Level 5 every 12 hrs
Level 4 every 10 hrs … Level 4 every 15 hrs
Level 3 every 12 hrs … Level 3 every 18 hrs
Level 2 every 18 hrs … Level 2 every 24 hrs
Level 1 every 24 hrs … Level 1 every 36 hrs

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Good catch on the lvl 1 it was suppose to be every 28 hrs :+1: I was only suggesting a slight change for all the altars so there would be a lower issuance of tokens…Oh i see what you did there by further tweaking the numbers :wink: