Award a special baadge to gotchis who participated in all the stress tests

Hello frens! The 3rd stress test was a big success, as were the 2 previous ones. We saw a marked improvement from one stress test to the next. The game was more fluid and entertaining. Congrats to the Pixelcraft team for the incredible work, developing a new game is never quick and easy. At each of the stress test participating Gotchis received XP for their dedication and experience. It would be nice if Pixelcraft were to reward those who participated in all three in a more precise way.
I suggest we create a special Gotchiverse Beta Tester badge to distribute to all the gotchis who participated in all 3 stress tests. This badge would forever recognize their assiduous participation and commitment to the gotchiverse development. Some of us even took time off from their regular jobs to make sure they participate in those historic events, I think this kind of dedication deserve recognition and it would make sense to reward and highlight it in a way that will last over time.


i approve the idea!
Couldnt we get a non-Pixelcraft team(like a commitee) in charge of things like this?~
It would probably work well towards the decentralization as well as offload dev time from ‘superficial’ activities.

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Glad you like the idea, stay tune fren

I agree that Baadges should be available for very special occasions like this. And I too took time off work, and even stayed up after 2am for the start of the first 2 stress tests to get all my gotchis involved in these historic events (thank heavens we knew beforehand that the 3rd test was going to last longer so I could join in at a civilised time). I can understand that the importance of baadges shouldn’t be diluted, but for the first ever gotchis to play in the 'verse? Hell yeah!

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I would like a mention for this historic moment too.