Celebrating the end of the first rarity farm

Hi Frens,

Before I created a proposal, I wanted to gauge some thoughts on the interest of rolling out some addition and more memororiable rewards at the end of the 4th round.

For example, the completion of the missions seen the introduction of the aagent set - is this an opportunity to do the same?

Should we mark the end of the rarity farm with sets or perhaps even participation badges that are airdropped- expanding on the top 100 concept and ensuring everyone in the community is left with something to reflect back on instead of solely GHST. Note, to ensure we don’t flood the market with excessive wearables, it could be one set per address versus gotchi and the common, legendary etc grade could be based on the top performer across the XP, BRS and kinship categories.

Let me know the thoughts on this one frens but thinking it would be great for something more memorable for all to recognise and reward ALL that participated in this historic milestone!


Hey fren!

I don’t think dropping wearables is a good idea TBH, people pay for those and they have an impact in the game. However, I totally support the symbolic baadge, as a kind of memorabilia :+1:


To gauge the thoughts, thought it would be worth a poll…

  • Wearables…
  • Participation badge…
  • Something else…
  • Nothing more…

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Thanks frens!

Thanks fren, makes sense! I have put a poll in to capture the thoughts on whether it would be worth adding something else at the end… ha perhaps I am just jealous of the other badges as my top gotchi only made it to top 500 so far but thinking some sort of memorabilia would be good for all to celebrate the end of the first farm… here’s to many more! :smiley:

If you read the latest announcement on discord coderdan writes, " Full details on the Szn Finale Paarty coming Soon!"

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A participation badge for something like the first 5000 Gotchi’s; or perhaps a badge for posting on the leaderboards of the mini-games during rarity farming to prove active participation among Gotchi’s?