Gotchi Heroes - Feedback

GM frens!

Firstly, I hope you enjoyed participating in the Gotchi Heroes XP event as much as we enjoyed hosting it! We understand that perfection is an ever-evolving target and we’re always striving to get closer to it. Despite a couple of bugs surfacing during the event - none of which were game-breaking, thankfully - we’ve been assured that our backend is robust and dependable.

That being said, we are fully aware that there are aspects of our frontend that could benefit from some refinement and enhancement. However, I want to take this opportunity to share that our current focus is not on immediate updates or tweaks. We’ve decided to channel our efforts into a bigger picture, working behind the scenes to create something new for the move to the Gotchichain.

Now, why am I telling you all this? It’s simple: we want to hear from you, the heart of our community. Your experiences, thoughts, and insights are invaluable to us. We’re interested in every facet of your feedback, be it positive, negative, or constructive criticism. Nothing is too trivial to share - we’re here to listen to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Furthermore, we are always open to fresh ideas and suggestions. If there are elements you would love to see incorporated into the game, features you think would enhance gameplay or anything else, we’re all ears. Your thoughts could well be the spark that fuels our next big innovation.

Thank you in advance for your participation, for helping us shape the future of Gotchi Heroes. We look forward to hearing from you and together, let’s make our journey to Gotchichain a memorable one!


UI loading slowly when, many items in the bag. Otherwise fun, passive game :slight_smile:

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I have an idea: every major milestone (like every 500th or 1000th level achieved) should give a free pack. Not in the demo version, but in the actual game. It would reward the serious and committed players and motivate people to buy packs, if they also have a hope to get more packs by playing the game and grinding.


I would like to see wearables as items to use in the game, I would feel more interaction within the gotchiverse, as well as the theme and enemies.

Good luck and good work to the team! :ghost::purple_heart:


Yea, the marketplace/inventory on full game is very slow to load when you have a lot of items. Opening the item in a new tab helps so that the whole inventory doesn’t have to reload when you hit back.

Something fun to add in would be a chance at a stone when merging higher quantities of items together. 9 items merged would have greater odds than 2 items. Would incentivize the alchemica burn as well.

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If we’re going to a mixed mode where you have the free non tradable packs and the tradable pack you buy, maybe the free packs are 1 per day, and at milestones.

Or maybe the number of free packs you get is based on howany levels you passed the previous day?
1 a day, if you dont advance,(24 hour timer default)
Modify that number by what % of the total levels passed that day, you were, with each percent cutting the timer in half.

Merging 2 100%+ items could generate a land or a stone. It would be a way to burn all the commons and give them a floor value.

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I don’t like having the increased number of packs based on levels passed only. Seems like the leaders would get exponentially stronger. I do like the idea of fewer packs by default and adding milestone rewards in combination. This would decrease the all 0 stat bot wallets. Activity in general should be incentivized somehow with free packs, we are on to something here.

So far some very valuable feedback, without giving away too much, we have quite a few things planned regarding free packs, either way, you will have to kind of actively play and be clever about it when trying to reach those milestones. A very simple example would be getting a pack after killing 1000 monsters with a stick, trying to do that after many levels and it will take you very long, but know the game and understand it will be best to go for that as soon as possible while the monsters are weak.

So instead of going for total kills and/or levels reached, we will focus on achievements, changing each season, so botting them will be a little tricky.

I feel the pack every 4 hours is still ok, since it isn’t that many over the course of 2 weeks, but might be enough to get you going.


I’m happy with an option to not initialize & load the graphics, sounds, animations at all to make it run smoother.

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