Baazaar 1.1: proposed pricing improvements

Hey frens. Just seeing a few things to implement on the Baazaar side. Most of them are designed to create a fair, transparent and friendly marketplace.

For wearables, low asks and stacked items: Right now, there is no guidance as to fair pricing, which can lead to people overpaying or overcharging and never getting filled. For wearables and consumables, the solve is (in theory) simple, and is already being implemented over at NBA Topshots: just stack the items and put the lowest ask first, then list the remainder in ascending order. As one lists, they might be served up low ask and some notion of the volume/spread. Ideally you’d have a market buy, so people are buying at the lowest ask automagically. Simple market logic!

For Gotchis, smart sorting: Since each Gotchi is unique, of course, the same system won’t work. But I do think two smart sorting solutions and easy info-sharing present themselves.

(1) Price per BRS point and/or rarity + wearables. I think the first one is easier to accomplish and maybe more straightforward, but it seems clear that people will try to sell Gotchis all suited up, so ideally you’d have both scores listed prominently and be able to sort by either. It’d be a simple ratio: a 1,000-GHST Gotchi with a base rating of 500 would have a fairness ‘score’ of 2. A 3,000-GHST Gotchi would have a (worse) score of 6. But maybe Gotchi #2 is wearing pricey clothes (see below) and it therefore makes sense. It’d just be a win for transparency and the buyer/new entrant. (Once absolute rarity is implemented, you would ideally want to have that, too.)

(2) Purchase/market price of all accompanying wearables. Once the marketplace is well-established and given their more fungible nature, it seems like it wouldn’t be difficult to pull the “low ask” price for any/all wearables on a Gotchi for sale from the Baazaar, or the listed price at the Maall, tally those up, and create some idea of the total market value of the wearables at the time of prospective purchase. P.S. I know this wouldn’t necessarily apply to raffled-off or other special items, but a long-term goal might be the historical price of those items whenever they appeared on the Baazaar (if they did). You could add a ‘rare item’ exception if a total price were not available. Spitballing here.

For portals: Not so much to do here. Once opened, it seems most fair to prominently list the high, low and average BRS, but I think they’re working well.

Eager to discuss and not trying to put more on the devs on Day 1! Being in a DAO for a game being made half a world away is interesting.

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One last thought re 'gotchis: I think you will eventually want to calculate + display a total market value: factoring in the staked collateral, wearables, and cost of the underlying (spectral) asset. That will involve, I know, a call to a server and prices can be so volatile, but I think the additional info will help avoid scams, etc.

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