Paawn Shop, ghstin out

What do people think of a Paawn shop? Where we can liquidate our Gotchis/wearables if we are desperate and don’t want to wait for buyers, liquidate in a batch etc. Possibly goes into the Gotchi Maall for the original price? Or even set aside for an auction of some sort?

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Pretty sure a simple bid / ask system would do the trick. Devs said that this is on the roadmap, we just gotta be a bit patient.


Liking the name, also the idea is ok. Pretty sure I could see myself using this also if I see a must have for cheap on the bazaar.

I see the possibility of an owner having a fully dressed gotchi wanting to quickly exit. Maybe a system that will evaluate and separate the items? Less the transfer, listing each item. And for the bid/offer, possibly give the community to do this through a display case or something.

On the deal side. I’ve seen some interesting shops sell goods at a nominal price and based on demand the price starts lowering over time.

I was just searching for a proposal for a bid/ask system and almost created one. This is exactly what I’m looking for and glad the devs are on it!