Bolster Mosaic Tile Art Competition Prize Pool

Hey fam! The Gotchiverse tile art competition is now 1 month away on the 28th September. The Pixelcraft prize pool is currently the following:


What would the DAO’s appetite be for assigning some DAO GHST funds for a few extra categories? Current thoughts would be the following:

Best single spacious design - 2,048 GHST
Best single reasonable design - 256 GHST
Best single humble design - 64 GHST
Best multi-parcel design - 420 GHST
Best mosaic meets farm equipment design - 69 GHST

Total: 2,857 GHST

Important notes:

  1. Any winners of the above DAO prizes would not be eligible for a Pixelcraft Studio prize as well,
  2. The DAO prizes would be awarded in sequence with Pixelcraft awards according to value. E.g. Best single spacious would be awarded between Pixelcraft 2nd & 3rd prizes,
  3. The DAO prizes would use the same voting system that Pixelcraft intends to use on 28th September.

Let me know your thoughts and any prize tweaks, extra categories, recommendations of how to distribute on day of event etc.

Would be great if the DAO could help beef up the already lofty prize pool to show our support for all the craftoors out there :slight_smile: