POAP Design Contest Proposal, For discussion

This is my first post/proposal so I thought I’d put it in here first to get some feedback. I have already introduced the idea in the discord but I need more feedback on final points. It’s basically written except for areas where I ask for feedback annotated by , and personal notes annotated by * and sometimes ( ).

I’ve requested to discuss this at Sundays DAO meeting.

Problem: We have the ability to issue POAPs for voting but we don’t.

Proposed solution: Let’s have a contest to source the POAPs and feature artists from our community at the same time.

Proposal Summary:
• Establish a Community sourced POAP contest to supply us with POAPs for DAO Voting.

• Run an open submission for Proof of Concepts in a channel on discord, and have a second, weighted vote to pick the artwork to select the top five design sets.

• Each artist submits a PoC for 6 designs (Tokenomics, Guilds, Gotchiverse, Quality of Life, Wearables, Funding).

• Proposed contest would supply us with 30 designs. Each with a variety of different looks.

• Each contest winner would get 200 ghst and 1 FG card.

• Contest could be replicated when needed to source other POAPs or designs*

*Using the POAPs as an entry point, this could become the start of a brand identity if done correctly.

[It is a personal goal to not let this become something that gets out of hand with committees and task forces, I’ve tried to create a system that is streamline in regards to the heavy lifting on the DAOs end.]

Contest Rules:

  1. Artists can submit any type of Proof that illustrates the core concept, one for each 6 subjects. Obviously you have better chances the more cohesive the art is. Also, for simplicity, please feature all 6 designs on the same proof sheet with their relative labels(iconography in ‘()’):

Tokenomics - Changes to alchemica, emission, ghst, and non-curve issues. (Charts, etc)

Guilds - Relating to interaction or initiatives with guilds; internal and external to the gotchi economy. (Shield, Sword, Scroll, etc)

Gotchiverse - relating to parcels, anything gotchiverse unless an overly compelling argument be made for another category. (Planets, Maps, etc)

Quality of Life - changes to gotchi mechanics, upgrades, maintenance, you know- quality of life stuff. (Hearts, Elements, Magic, tree, etc)

Wearables - relating to traits, taskforces, all of it. (Clothes, sunglasses, etc)

Funding - Related to funding proposals. (Money, stacks on stacks, etc)

[If there is a section that you think I’ve missed that needs representation - I won’t disagree with you, I just think 6 is kind of the limit. I would suggest pushing agreed upon category additions to the next round and replace the least used of current.]

  1. Once winners are chosen, they will have 2 weeks to deliver the final set of POAPs.

  2. Each artist can submit one 6-piece proof per contest.

  3. Contest submission window is 2 weeks.

Submission Details:

[This is a sticking point that I think we need to have a flushed out conversation as a community about. If we stick to a very strict/restrictive uniform art guideline, we will have an easier time down the road if we were ever to put ourselves in a position to monetize any of the designs made for the DAO. Everything from the actual content to the format could be very smooth for us if we did it right. Format: You don’t want a physical item to be an afterthought, it would be good to have the art right the first time VS spending hours redoing it. Content: We should be clear on our limitations with the PC IP, I’ve seen a lot of the OG badge ideas and I think they could be potentially problematic for PC if we ever tried to make something from them to sell at conventions as an example.]

With everything said above, this is what I’m thinking:

Overall Design must:

  1. Clearly or cleverly convey the subject of the POAP(one of the six). (For instance, a ‘heart’ is probably more suited to “Quality of life” instead of “Guilds”. You wouldn’t use trading chart iconography to advertise wearables.)

1b. Not rely on specific PC IPs [What are the limits here? Ghost outline allowed? Mythical Eyes??]

  1. Not contain vulgar or crude images. Be Frenly.

Individual design must:

  1. Have a final size of 500x500 pixel @330 dpi. Deliverable in SVG and PNG format.

  2. Contain a minimum 100x25 or 50x50 pixel area for filling dates and prop details. [only if desired by group]

  3. Have an 8 color palette limit.

*If artist is selected signs an agreement that if design is transferred to non-digital medium, artist receives 10% of profits after ROI achieved/realized.


• We already have the function to mint POAPs, I’d argue that this just becomes another step in the process for the signer, pusher, publisher, etc. of the prop.

• What would be needed would be someone to stamp the date/time prop# onto the POAP (If that is something to be desired). [Could be me, or if the artist themselves wish to, looking for input]


The ask from the DAO is 1000 ghst and 5 FG cards or the market equivalent if needed to be bought.

The deliverables are 30 unique designs that could be issued with votes [randomly?]

For artist payment I am looking at it like this:

A. The fake gotchi card is the prize for winning the contest.

B. 200 ghst is the fair compensation for creation of deliverables. 33 ghst for each Poap = 16.6 ghst an hour to create.

*I do not think 2 hours per POAP is an unreasonable amount of time. It’s a fairly small/simple image and the artist will already have an approved proof. A delivery time of 2 weeks would give artist at least an hour for 12 days, to help accommodate busy peoples schedules.


1 week - DAO vote establishing contest.

2 weeks - contest.

1 week - DAO contest vote.

2 weeks - artist submissions due.


6 weeks total to POAPs.


• I would ask for PCs help in amplifying this contest and weighing in on IP boundaries.

• Contest would be a channel on discord and then another DAO vote at end of contest. With all artists, sets- named and listed.

• Upon end of vote, winners will be notified via discord and given a 2 week deadline.

• Submissions will be placed in GitHub or equally publicly accessible db for editing/implementation purposes.

• Each time a new Prop goes live the signer will be able to attach POAP to the vote.

[someone expressed interest in having someone go back and mint some of the older POAPs that were designed and never used and I’d love to do that as well but that’s not what this proposal is. I’d argue that if the community responds well to the addition of poaps that the next contest include a stipend of 250 - 300 ghst + matic reimbursement to push POAPs retroactively, if it’s even possible- without EXTREME tedious labor]

The Future:

Someone recommended we make pins of the POAP badges and that’s what precipitated this “design restrictions” approach.

I think that there is a market, however small, for IRL sets of collectible pins from fake gotchi artists; and the simplicity of POAP designs are an excellent vehicle for this. (And also why I stipulate a divestiture from and clarification over PC IP iconography.) I also think this could be a stepping stone to the DAO financially sustaining its own presence at conventions if done properly. [This is something I’d like to discuss in person on the DOA call]

Thanks and have a gm.


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