Aavegotchi Community POAP Art Contest Proposal:

Community Poap Art Contest:

Nov, 29, 2021

SUMMERY: Following the likely the passing of the recent proposal to add POAPs to snapshot voting by @LoveGotchi (8061), I am proposing Aavegotchi hold a community-wide art contest to create three new POAP designs to be used to award participants in important future governance proposals. I propose that the winners of the contest be awarded 100 GHST each from our treasury funds (totaling 300 GHST).

CATEGORY #1: “I VOTED” Aavegotchi POAP.

Rules: The theme here is democracy! Design an Aavegotchi POAP resembling / referencing the iconic American “I Voted” button, but with a ghostly Aavegotchi twist.

CATEGORY #2: “Honest Work” (Humor)

Rules: Design an awesome Aavegotchy-themed POAP that references a popular crypto-space meme. From Wojaks to Bogdanoffs, this space is all about the lols. Make something funny!

CATEGORY #3: Open design

Rules: There are none! Create whatever your heart desires, frens.

Requirements for participation: I propose that the contest be open to all members of the community and beyond. This is in hopes that we can (1) attract great artistic talent, and (2) possibly acquire some fresh new frens.

Submission requirements: All submissions must be formatted correctly: maintain a resolution of 72-240 with 8-bit color in both PNG and JPEG format. Winners of the contest must provide a crypto wallet address on the Polygon network to receive funds.

Final Note: This is my first proposal to the community and I look forward to hearing how everyone feels! I would really like to hear from everyone about the category selections - perhaps someone has some ideas to contribute!


GM! I did not see you had this idea posted.

I am looking to set up a structure for Snapshot/Core Prop POAPs.
There are currently 16 AGIP votes that need POAPs as well as a system to help Snapshot DAO creators to be paired with POAP creators.

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Awesome! Glad you hopped on it!

I don’t know if this is of any use, but the dapp Creaticles has proposal / submission functions for POAP creation.


this can work for future POAPs. Currently we need POAPs made for past snapshot votes.