Building The Aarcade Game & Event Hosting Platform (ATF Project)

Aarcade The Decentralized Game & Event Hosting Platform

We have the bullets, But now we need a gun!

We all know that we already have some games developed on top of Aavegotchi protocol and some of them are ready to host events! and even more games are currently being developed by the community devs. But with the lack of long-term support and attention to each of them individually will lead them all to death unfortunately!

What problems mainly is Aarcade trying to solve? :thinking:

Ecosystem (Utilization Era)

  1. Utilization of Aavegotchis in all of the hosted games!
  2. Utilization of GHST as the platform’s main token
  3. Utilization of Alchemica as the platform’s only XP boost token (with 30% burn rate) (new*)
  4. Ease the onboarding of New game developers, players & artists into the ecosystem with the help of on-chain events, Aavegotchi borrow/lending system and so many more incentivizations on the platform.
  5. Different products for different tastes!

Game Developers

  1. Easily Host their games on the arweave network forever!
  2. Host on-chain events for their games (both self-hosted and community-driven) and make a revenue
  3. Highly incentivezed community fund raising system for their games since the phase-1 of their game development! (Spare a GHST)
  4. showcase and Promote their games among the whole community in the easiest way.


  1. Have fun easily finding and playing the games which are more to their tastes!
  2. Earn money out of their gaming skills, hosting events, seasonal contribution leaderboard and more
  3. Leveling up and unlocking different cool badges and titles on the platform.
  4. Managing their own platform with the fully community-dirven product promotion system

Artists may benefit from everything on the platform as game developers except for the on-chain events (duh?)

Sound like a lot of work, huh? :thinking:

But with a feasible project plan as this we’re going to easily achieve in a progressive way. :nerd_face: :point_down:

Goals & priorities:

  1. Decentralized Game Hosting Platform. (Unity & Phaser)
  2. On-Chain User-Management
  3. Game Developers Fund Raising System
  4. On-Chain Game Events
  5. Seasonal Leaderboard Implementation
  6. Test Season on Mumbai Test-Net
  7. Smart Contract Audits And Main-Net Migration
  8. Aarcade Grand Events
  9. Aarcade Shop
  10. Aarcade Gotchi Borrow/Lending System (CP Based)
  11. Decentralized Art Hosting Platform
  12. On-Chain Game Jams/ Art Contest system
  13. On-Chain Quest System
  14. New Game Engines Supports
  15. Maintanance & Bug Fixes
  16. Marketing, Etc…

Let’s discuss about the project and the opportunities you think it could provide for the whole community and for the Aavegotchi project and how much supportive you are for it’s development!

If you want to dive deeply into the lighpaper or a brief introduction Document. There you go: :point_down:

Brief Introduction Doc:

ATF Aarcade Lighpaper:

If you have any Ideas regarding these docs feel free to DM (shah#0369) in Discord as well. :crossed_fingers:


As everyone is concerned about the Alchemica Sink ideas these days. I believe this Idea that I came up with recently on the Aarcade platform could potentially be one of the main sources for that! let me tell you guys how.

Aarcade is a great place with lots of incentives for it’s users. If some of them could be unlocked at a certain level or leveing could lift some limits for them could be a great way to encourage everyone to level up on the platform and spend their alchemica on the platform for return of some Boosted xp per action. Here are some examples:

  1. Creating On-chain Events unlocks at level 5 with a limit of 1 event creation allowed and leveling will lift this limit by 1 per level(s) on each season (Limit is reset at the end of each season). (e.g. 5 events allowed at level 10 on that season (let’s say 30 days per season))

  2. One of the passive ways to earn CP (main on-chain non-tradable currency earned after spending main token (GHST) on the platform to create events, in Aarcade shop or promote products to earn Score and XP) is using the Aarcade’s Borrow/lending system and the lending part of it will also be unlocked at a certain level (e.g. 5) and for each more levels (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20) you will be allowed to lend more of your gotchis simultaneously to earn more CP, And this also controls the total supply amount by each account in a fair way. And a free 12h Gotchi per week (or even scaled per level) for borrowers is so encouraging for new users and helps this lending system to become so active.

The ratio of Kek/Fud is around ~7.6 at the moment and with the consideration of Kek being the highest boost (150%) we can use the Floor of that ratio (7) and this way the calculated boost amount based on this ratio for Fud/Fomo/Alpha will be more efficient to use on the platform and could help to increase the price of these token slightly. (e.g. Kek = 150% (Highest Fixed Boost, Fud = ~107% (Based on Kek/Fud Floor Ratio (7) (Formula = 100+(50/7))

There are so many other activities mentioned in the lightpaper and maybe you guys can suggest some of them to be included and be scaled on a level basis. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is all great stuff, but like the forge, needs to be tied in with the other good well thought out plans, so they are a part of the same plan.

I think we need an open source materials aystem of erc 1155s, that ties everything together.

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I also believe erc-1155 will change lots of things as well, but we don’t have to wait for that to start building our great ideas. We need to team up and form the development team for our community projects and use the treasury funds to compensate developers before this bear market sucks all of our treasury assets value. It’s not too soon at all, It’s not too late neither. The time is right now, as soon as possible. :slightly_smiling_face: