Channeling turnaround reset

Today we are here with a reset of the channeling for every gotchi at 00:00 UTC.

What are the consequences of this condition?

  1. There are no channeling contracts for around 4-6 hours before the reset so people should take the gotchi in advance and wait after the reset.
  2. There is a huge spillover around this time so people that have rent a gotchi can enjoy this beautiful fountain of Alchemia.
  3. It is everyday at the same time.

What are the problems?

My timezone is UTC+2, so when the above episodes happen I’m always asleep and some time I try to be awake to try to partecipate but it is difficult because of the next working day.

Like me there are a lot of people who desire a better timing for reset the gotchi channeling and thinking about the entire community I propose this:

Change the reset time from a specific universal time (now 00:00 UTC) to a reset time based on the passing of a fixed number of blocks (like upgrading installations where the time is measured in blocks).

Now the reset is every 43200 blocks (the time of an entire day), but if we change it to 45000 it is like move forward the reset time on an hour every day! In not much more than 3 weeks (24 days to be precise) the reset time will return to 00:00 UTC and every timezone will be happy to enjoy the huge spillover and agree to good lending contracts.

What do you think about this frens?
This can be a fair solution for the evolving gotchi community and can be also fair for scholarships :slight_smile:


This would be more fair throughout the timezones eventually, but will also force people to adapt and change their schedules daily. One of my proposals was to allow wallet to set their own 24hr global cooldown. Once a week or at least once a month. This would result in:

  1. Much more equal distribution of spillover throughout the 24 hrs and minimize peak times of spillage spawning.

  2. Equalize rental market opportunities where those living in currently favorable time zones to UTC 00:00 have much more rental time available when compared to those living in unfavorable time zones, whereas latter have much less time to rent their gotchis for after they do the channeling. If they lend it for longer their gotchis most probably will be channeled by ones who rented it.

One for a fact that this has to be addressed asap, since unfair gameplay conditions are very wrong and will hurt each and everyone in a longer term.

I don’t agree with “but will also force people to adapt and change their schedules daily” because if you want you are still able to channel once per day when you want.

For example if the reset time is 16:00 UTC you can channel for the passed day at 15 UTC and for the current day at 16:00 UTC so you can channel twice per day (clearly for only some days), but if I want to channel everyday at 16:00 UTC only 1 day every 24 I will not be able because the reset at 15 maybe, but for the other 23 works (about 95% of the cases :wink: ).

For the other problem, the spillover, to make it fair the system can collect the spillover of today and release it every X blocks linearly the next day. Just another proposal :slight_smile:

If i understood it correctly, correct me if i am wrong, this creeping change will eventually return back to 00:00 UTC. Allowing to set custom global reset timer solves all of the above mentioned issues and is easily understandable concept without unnecessary complexity.

Hi! We’ve been working on a Sig Prop for this in a different thread: Revisit / Revote on Cooldown Timer for Solo Channeling

I just posted draft text over there. Feel free to take a look & comment. There’s also a Miro board that @HARDKOR put together & people have been adding to it.


I’ll do it for sure, thanks!