Revisit / Revote on Cooldown Timer for Solo Channeling

Hey GotchiGang! This came up at the Haangout today, and there was a lot of lively discussion (both live talking & text talking in the Discord channel).

What are your thoughts on a possible revote on the 24-hour cooldown timer? In Chapter 3 of the Gotchiverse Bible, solo gotchi channeling was described as having a 24 hour cooldown timer which starts immediately after a gotchi channels.

Changing this to all gotchis reset at midnight UTC was intended to preserve quality of life, but it seems like the opposite is happening. PST frens are stuck in traffic or still at work when The Big Channel happens, our Aussie & Asian frens are getting ready for work, and our African, European, and Middle Eastern frens are up late. In my opinion, the reset experiment has been interesting, but the original mechanic (every gotchi has the 24 our cooldown timer starting after they channel) was the better approach. I think we need the more worldwide-frenly strategy.

What do you all think?

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  • Revert to the original cooldown timer described in the Gotchiverse Bible.
  • Keep the new everyone-resets-at-midnight-UTC mechanic.

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If we revert(or not), it might be a good thing for the community, to have the DTF commission a public gelato rental bot that can set permissions and bulk lend until it runs out of the matic you supply it.
This would ease the management of large bags, and small, for everyone. A person with a personal bot could still gain more advantage, but it would raise quality of life, for many people.

A sequence where it rents the gotchi out for one deal with channeling rights, until it gets channeled, and then does a series of regular rentals until its time to channel again, would be ideal.

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Neither! There is a very good reason everyone voted for the current system: a 24 hr cooldown is annoying for everyone, and a complete nightmare for anyone with more than 2-3 gotchis. It means you slip time every day, which negates/reduces one of the main points of upgrading your altar.

Unlike kinship, channeling is not a competition. If you slip time on petting, well, that’s the challenge, and the cumulative success at petting on time is reflected on the leaderboard (set aside that petting services quite reduce how much competition there really is).

But doing extremely well at channeling has no cumulative benefit that could be worth it. Every day I feel compelled to log in a certain, constantly-shifting time, and what’s worse I have to try to channel with each of my gotchis in exactly the same order each day, or the slippage compounds. Please, let’s not introduce annoyance without even the idea of a potential benefit.

I also acknowledge that the current system isn’t good. The swarm of players at 00:00 UTC with the majority of alchemica of the day dropping then–it’s all a consequence of the current mercenary playerbase, and is equally detrimental with no clear benefit. Maybe stress testing? It seemed pretty laggy for me today.

Let’s create a system that has neither of these problems, and potentially some benefits.


I think the major qualm people have with the current system (which, as you pointed out has been voted in with an overwhelming majority) , is a feeling that participants in other geographies are somehow getting better terms than themselves. While I can somewhat appreciate the benefit of summoning around the global reset, (especially if going for the gimmick to channel once every other day) it’s not really any kind of advantage other than convenience- i.e. nobody is channeling more than anyone else every day.

Definitely going to a 24 hour timer is not a good solution, other than providing its proponents with the satisfaction that others -which were content with the global reset- will now be inconvenienced into a worse system that negates altar upgrades.

What we can do is change the global reset 4 hours forward every certain lapse of time. Every so often, the global reset doesn’t happen after 24 hours but after 28. This way, the reset time goes around the globe periodically (i.e. no long term losing or winning geographies), and the net effect is a tiny bit deflationary for alchemical emissions vs. what we have now.


Another possibility is to make a recharge system: A gotchi recharges one channeling per 24 hours up to a maximum of two charges (or 1.9 or something if we want to prevent a once-every-48hr-doublechanneling incentive). Time zone wouldn’t matter, no slip for anyone who checks in once a day, and spillover drops wouldn’t be concentrated at one time.


How about we just add a checkbox to the UI, that lets you reset your reset time, to the current time, when channeling? It could be free, or maybe just one kek :slight_smile:

You’d lose time and drift, if you did it a lot, and doing it once, is no different than just channeling at some other time of the day, except for that you can now line it up with your own schedule, or, right before the time you usually give it to your scholar.

The recharge system is also a nice mechanic, because if you ARE sharing with your scholars, you probably have a day shift and night shift, and this would let them split it. If one player didn’t do theirs, the other one could mop it up.


Ok maybe i am looking at this wrong, but is not the gotchi solo channeling the smallest, smallest part of the alchemica spillage in the citadel? With the harvesters/reservoirs coming into play within hopefully a couple of weeks, solo channeling spillage will seem paltry in comparison to the up to 3x a day spillage from them daily. My questions are first is it a problem with owners not wanting to delist their gotchis until they channel them themselves or two the availability of gotchis to be rented when you wanted to rent them? First IMO there should be a toggle when you rent, much like the one for different alchemica, where owners could toggle off channeling when they put them up for rent. Lastly, the scarcity of finding +400 kinship gotchis to channel with is only going to get worse as more parcels lvl their altars to lvl 3+, which would mean they would need 2x as many gotchis for these parcels. I understand that everyone wants their scholars to get the “best” drops but once the game actually starts allowing us to install all the installations, solo channeling may become an afterthought when keeping up with the day to day activities.


Well, now that we’re banking the spillage till Monday, it seem appropriate to have this discussion in the meeting tomorrow.

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this is a pretty neat idea!

reset at midnight UTC definitely is the best solution fren , player can get their job done anytime in between that 24 hours whenever they are free

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If this isn’t super difficult to code, I like it. Players can shape their own experiences in ways that fit their lives & timezones.

Definitely see benefit for people with multiple gotchis & multiple parcels. Not sure how it would work for people trying to lend their gotchis or those who need to rent in order to channel…

This is intriguing…need to think more about the mechanics of it. Also, not sure how difficult it would be to code.

Pretty sure that right now, solo channeling is the biggest part, and the midnight alchemical rain that has been overwhelming the servers is the main source of spillover. The biggest problem here (imo) is players being unhappy about how it’s going. That’s bad for the game.

I’m really curious about these queued spillover allotments that will start dropping on Monday. That might be a solution right there…cue all the spillovers and then let them out a bit at a time like when we did the playdrop.

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Yes you are correct that for this limited time period solo channeling is the only part that is out currently. IMO the issue is with scaling causing the issue with the actual dropping of alchemica and i am glad that it was discovered now and not after installations were released. There is NO system that will make everyone happy because ppl will always find faults but we should always look at the bigger picture.

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This seems to be the best all-round solution to me!

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We’re going to work on the sig prop today, on the board. If anyone would like to contribute, please do. It will be a nice example for people later, of how to go about it.

Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration


Sounds good…have some things to take care of but will visit the Miro later.

Was about to post this…maybe it can be included on the board:

What do you all think of these as theSig Prop choices -

Add a checkbox to the UI to reset your channeling time to the current time. Free the first time, and then 2 $KEK to reset again after 1 week. (Spending GLTR could reduce it by a day or two or three?)

Keep the ‘everyone resets’ metric but rotate it forward 4 hours every 48 hours.

Implement a recharge system (need to figure out viable details for this one).

Revert to the original metric as described in Chapter 3 of the Gotchiverse Bible.

Intro verbiage something like this -

As the Gotciverse continues to evolve during alpha testing, we realize the channeling metric still needs some adjustment. Currently, gotchi channeling is set to once every 24-hours, with the reset happening at midnight UTC. The resulting ‘gotchi happy hour’ / midnight alchemical rainstorm has created server issues while also forcing players worldwide to try to fit this singular bountiful gathering period into their schedules.

Numerous options have been discussed on the forums. {add links}

{choices go here}

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I kinda feel like this has constitutional convention type vibes :slight_smile: If you break a document down like this, and everyone can edit it over the course of a few days, it should result in some really well thought out wording and presentation.

I look forward to seeing what we create :smiley:

You want a burn? Incense.

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If you’re new to voting mechanics, the Miro board includes an explanation of voting differentials & how this impacts the number of options for which people can vote. I did not know these things…definitely something to consider as this Sig Prop is put together.

In addition, how things play out when the queued alchemica is released may influence the options offered as some people might prefer having alchemica distributed in this way.

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Issue with this is if a player wants to make midnight their reset time they’d have to stay up till midnight to reset it. I’m sure a drop down box with selection for times is equally do-able.

I also think there is zero harm in letting people reset as many times as they like as long as there is a fee attached. 10,000 GLTR is about 0.55 GHST right now and seems like a reasonable fee for something that will be a once off for most players.

The rotating reset by 4 hours might get a bit difficult to keep track of?