Two possible solutions for global UTC reset to make it fair for everybody

While the community is split by 24hr UTC global channeling reset it does not seem we can go back to interaction based timer. Both of these ideas have cons and pros that’s why there is such a difference in opinions.

Simply put this change was favorable to one group of people over the other and it has monetary implications hence it has to be overworked not to discriminate players in any time zone. I am managing over 30 gotchis myself, and current global reset deprives me of at least 50 USD a day that’s 1500 a month, pretty significant i’d say. And i am sure i’m not the only one.

Not to mention unfavorable gameplay changes that i have predicted previously where most of channeling is happening at certain times further increasing unfairness to players from different timezones and even spamming spillover to the extent where certain measures to be taken to work again.

So far i see two possible options to even out the playing field as much as possible:

  1. Allow each wallet to set their own global reset timer. Ofc such a setting can occur not more often that 24 hrs. But i’d say, to prevent possible exploits allow ppl to choose their reset once per week, or even once per month. This would even out playing field for everybody and will result in more dynamic gameplay and spillover drops. Scholars would also like to adjust game to their time, not their life to be adjusted to a game.

  2. Make an option to disable gotchi channeling at the time of creating a lending offer. Let’s say i am living in an unfavorable zone and global UTC is 3 AM for me. I have to get up to go to work at 6AM. By the time i get back from work it’s 5 PM. Channelling of 30 gotchis takes ~60 minutes. So by the time i am finished it’s 6 PM. I have only 9 hrs of available rental time vs 22 hrs or so for people living in favorible time zones. If my gotchi could not be channeled by the others i would be able to rent it for the same period of time as the others.

Let’s please explore these two options. I am not sure how difficult implementation of each of them is but does not seem an overkill from the first glance, ofc i am aware there might be things i do not understand.

Any of those implementations would even out playing field a little bit for everybody, because right now quite a number of ppl are simply forced to be at a great disadvantage. We want global adoption throughout the globe and increasing numbers of gamers. Being selfish in this case could be just shooting yourself in the leg long term.

Appreciate your time reading all this.



It would be great to do something with the UTC global reset. Maybe just keeping it really simple and just splitting up the globe into two or 4 ‘timezones’. This would make it fairer for more people and shake up the lending market by having some Gotchis resetting every 12 or 6 hours.

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