Chapter 1: The Gotchiverse Release Schedule

Hi frens, let’s use this thread to discuss Chapter 1 of The Gotchiverse Bible.

After a week of discussion, if no major issues are raised, we will create a CoreProp and have AavegotchiDAO vote to confirm the Chapter’s contents.


I think the time between each release of the gotchiverse bible is too long. Is there any way this can be reduced?

I also think that we should not have another land auction until the full gotchiverse bible/whitepaper is released so people are able to make informed bids and we reduce the risk of repeating what happened with people overbidding and not fully understanding the worth of the alchemica boosts and getting rekt.


I also think we should delay the next auction until at least a full whitepaper and even until after the gotchiverse is released if the demand is not increasing.


I do not think we should delay the 3rd land auction/raffle. I believe the plan was always to have 3 auctions/raffles before the gotchiverse went live per the initial litepaper. Additionally, I think the 3rd and final auction/raffle will be a great way of spreading the gotchi gospel and on boarding more people. I think we should vote to make Book 1’s content immutable.

I understand the concerns around demand and the potential impact of delays on people’s investment thesis. I am hoping some of this is cleared up in the next book. Depending on the proposed tokenomics, I could be in favor of an airdrop/pre-mine for parcel owners to incentive holding/reward early participants and to help bootstrap DEX liquidity.

Thank you Frens!


The time between Gotchiverse Bible releases are set up in a way where we can realistically deliver and incur no further delays. It is reasonably possible that we can publish some chapters ahead of schedule.

I don’t mind delaying the third REALM distribution but it is already set up to follow a lot of GB chapters. My point is that it is difficult to determine when the “full gotchiverse bible/whitepaper is released” because certain books or chapters will literally be published throughout the year even after the gotchiverse is live. That is why the chapters are already structured to publish everything that is included in the initial citaadel release (crafting, farming, but not lickquidators for example). Hope that makes sense.

I second @Rancho in that having a third distribution before the Citaadel goes live represents a key event for drawing attention to the game’s impending release. Being positioned so close to the games release sets up the third land distribution as a key pillar for onboarding new players/outreach. the reasons for delay are also worth considering but I’m not sure its the best change to make at this time. Hopefully the coming weeks and chapters may change any reservations on this.


I have to admit, I don’t like the idea of doing another land raffle before launch either. Land is the only asset in Aavegotchi that hasn’t really appreciated since the auction, and adding another 40% to the supply when it still has no utility is not going to help that. Especially one that’s 10,000 parcels instead of 5,000 which I thought was going to be the number for the third raffle. Isn’t there anything else we can do to bring in new players? I would rather do another haunt or at least something that is better targeted toward newbies than another raffle.


Is the plan still to release the chapters on Parcel / Alchemica Tokenomics, Installations, and Aavegotchi Traits in January or will this be coming after?


Hello World, I had been following this really nice project thus i’m new to the gotchiverse here so i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Cheers.


Welcome, fren! Hope to see you in the discord.

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Proposal to delay land auction / raffle 3 until book one of the gotchiverse bible is published