Land aauction #2 and beyond

As the dust of our first gotchiverse land aauction begins to settle I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion regarding how future land auctions could be carried out.

My personal opinion is that having two options to bid for parcels (auction house & is not the best solution and created some frustration among players.

I would like to see only as a tool for planning and visualization. The auction should take place at the auction house at Listings there could contain the information that is shown in the preview window of the map view at

Something like this:
Token ID: #38543
Address: Magical-Outlet-Dope
District: 21
Size: Spacious (32x64)
Boosts: FUD - 2, FOMO - 0, ALPHA - 0, KEK - 0
plus of course the relevant info about the bid, incentive and duration
plus maybe a link to the parcel on the map

What do you guys think?


Hello Fren!

Definitely think we had a mix of access to the bids which benefited some and disadvantaged others.

I really like your suggestion in spirit, but considering the bot protection that gotchiverse provided was likely bypassed through the auction site - we may have a situation where this approach guarantees that bots will take advantage of the early bids and price discovery again.

On the flip side to your suggestion, we could restrict all bidding to with enhanced bot prevention measures (such as captcha for the first 2 hours of bidding).

Thank you for starting this fine thread!
The best point I get from it is: Let’s provide one clear, consistent avenue for all participants to access the NFTs, instead of divergent and mysterious routes that end up disadvantaging the less tech-savvy.


GM frens

BIg :brain: idea. agree :100:

I find to be working well now; by the time 2nd auction begins it would be even better. If just one is needed gotchiverse is better.

using two different websites to work things out would be too much work for casual participants.


As mentioned on Discord I had a very smooth experience during the haunt 2 auction. I also think bot protection was fine there (afaik). I think coderdan mentioned yesterday website traffic was a massive issue as well for Don´t get me wrong, I´m fine with either option. Just thought maybe it´s easier to realize a smooth experience using the auction house cause it worked so damn well during haunt 2.

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very good points.

If there’s a way of guaranteeing that auction site won’t be botted, it might work better for many users.
Another option is to embrace botting and start creating bidding dapp bots for the community as has been done re. kinship botting.

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In the future, could we announce plots for sale through Could be cool if you could buy allready developed plots… or allready mined out plots but chiip.

I think the auction house displaying the parcels was completely accidental and a big oops. I like where you’re going with a clean list format like the auction house for round two.

A few things. Jesse mentioned that the map was moving super slowly because the little thumbnail of the map was a full render each time and was smashing their bandwidth. I reckon this’ll be tweaked by next launch.

It might be a good idea to gather some ideas on how to improve the list functionality for the next auction. I’d also love to use more of the list feature.

If they’re going to lift the hood and make big adjustments I’d also propose a better zoom mechanism for the map view.

All in all there was some choppiness in the launch which prevented a lot of organic opening bids (my own twelve step bidding strategy was immediately binned) but other than that I’m quite impressed with the feat the team pulled off yesterday :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


And what u guys think about captchas during bidding to avoid bots stealing all the parcells?

I would be ok with it as long as it´s that version where you have to fit in a puzzle tile (moving from left to right). The one with the pictures is horrible imo.


Yea maybe its horrible, but if it can avoid the bots, it doesnt matter, no?

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We were botted pretty bad this auction.

Check out this account on polygonscan that ripped off our community by botting bids while we were all unable to access the gotchiverse UI.

They filled up 4 accounts to bot bids, you can see the easy profit they made.

Address 0xe47e75857c1fc64c222e7566e3ea5909c7ed96f3 | PolygonScan


he stole 1,6 million dollar in total, please put captchas in the next auction, otherwise it damages the whole community…i was so hyped for this and then when the UI finally worked, all parcells were gone allready…

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It’s the difference between the sums of those two circled amounts, about 190,000 GHST profit. Still bad, but less bad.


You can’t exactly captcha things as bots directly interact with the contract. They’ve been pretty good about preventing bots in general and I reckon they’ll have a clever mechanism in play for the next round

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